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The Scientific Method

May 3, 2022

(except from my next volume)

I had spent most of my childhood making observations that I had to verify, by testing if it was reality or some sort of an illusion, where most children do not remember having to apply their mind to the task as this is a natural process in all human beings. Where as I remembered a simplified version of this methodology and applied it to numerous optical and scientific illusions intuitively before I could even codify the process in writing as an adult. Much of what I had learned about what the Scientific Method is, was gleaned from extensive reading of countless journals, books and encyclopedia as I was growing up in my childhood, I cannot quote a professor or institute, only Sir Francis Bacon and my own personal life experience.

Historically Sir Francis Bacon(1561-1626) was the man who had codified the Scientific Method which was known in his time as the Baconian Method. Briefly the Scientific Method are steps that help scientists conduct understanding and clarity in the use of dynamic technology and material sciences, which is made up of seven main steps:

1 – State the problem,
2 – Research the problem.
3 – State your hypothesis,
4 – Do an experiment,
5 – Analyze data,
6 – Conclude the results,
7 – Form a conclusion.

Bacon also had devised what he called the idols of the mind, that could be called delusions or as he describes as false images. These four obstructions must be overcome to have a clear path of correct scientific reasoning. I have added a fifth as my way of addressing the intellectual dishonesty that has been foisted on our education system by the use of symbols.

Idols of the Tribe (Idola tribus)
This is humans’ tendency to perceive more order and regularity in systems than truly exists, and is due to people following their preconceived ideas about things.

Idols of the Cave (Idola specus)
This is due to individuals’ personal weaknesses in reasoning due to particular personalities, likes and dislikes.

Idols of the Marketplace (Idola fori)
This is due to confusion in the use of language and taking some words in science to have a different meaning than their common usage.

Idols of the Theater (Idola theatri)
This is the following of uncorrected dogma and not asking questions about the world.

Idols of the Symbol (Idola signo)
This is the misunderstanding of visual mnemonics due to uncorrected use of symbols, conflating the symbol with a preconceived negative or positive outcome.

After a lot of thought of Bacon’s ideas, they revealed to me another view of our problematic interaction with our observations and rational framework. There is a way of seeing our limitations of reasoning and finding that they hold our life in a type of prison built from our needs or ideas within our existence.

Prisons of the Mind (Carcer Cogitatio)
The imagined truth being our only limitations in our mind.

Prisons of Ideas (Carcer Notio)
The ill defined and illogical ideas limiting our perceptions of reality.

Prisons of the Emotions (Carcer Motus)
The uncontrolled reflexes within our emotive being.

Prisons of Sustenance (Carcer Victus)
The essential and incessant need to maintain regulated nourishment.

Prisons of the Environment (Carcer Ambitu)
The real need to have levels of protection from all forms of physical damage.

These prisons I have listed are very real to most people, they are just not aware they are inside them, while we can all agree that Sustenance and Environment are two that we are very intimately connected with but the others are no so obvious. The Mind Prison is simple to understand if you believe the Earth is flat, a limitation that is built from a lack of understanding and verifiable information. The Ideas Prison, is more related to our notions of politics, philosophy and poetry, where ideas have consequences to the passage of life, like the 120 million crucified in the 20th century for the flawed Marxist doctrines. The Emotions Prison, is by no means an easy hurdle to leap over as each one of us has either unfulfilled, exasperated or subjugated emotional issues to some degree, these we will render a mental cage to keep those feelings from destroying our lives.

The following definitions of the Scientific Method can be compared to text book versions and should be much simpler and clearer than most.

I have separated it into nine distinct headings, each can be considered recursive until it satisfies its criteria of application. These are my own versions, in the nine steps of the artists natural scientific method go something like this:

1 Observation of Interest
Make an single observation or many observations.

2 Facets of Observation
Ask questions about the observations and gather information.

3 Hypothesis
Form a hypothesis, a tentative description of what has been observed, and formulate predictions based on that hypothesis.

4 Prediction
Build the hypothesis with the predictions into an experiment that can be reproduced. Building a theory.

5 Analysis
Analyse the data and draw conclusions; accept or reject the hypothesis or modify the hypothesis if necessary. Adjust theory to fit facts.

6 Experiment
Physically reproduce the experiment until there are no discrepancies between observations and theory. Design for Replication of methods and results.

7 Variables
Dependent and independent variables are brought to a reduced set and general formula are created. Simplification of formula and universality is the prime reasoning.

8 Conclusion
Does it conform to the real world? Does it operate in a different environment or frame of reference?

9 Reality
This is now a law of nature as described by man, simplified to its primal state and understood intrinsically by man in all frames of reference. The extended boundary of theory has been overcome, it is considered a fact.

This brings me the words and meanings of “Science”? Science is not a category of study, it is a process of inquiry with deductions. Science is a method not a vocation. When something is Scientific it means it can have the Scientific Method applied to it without difficulty and its conclusions adhere to its methodology.
A Scientist is someone who apples the Scientific Method to an observation. A Professor of Science is someone who can apply the Scientific Method with expertise.

The implications of a “Theory”, firstly it must have self consistency, agreement with observations and have universal usefulness, alas, as it is only a theory as it only conforms to the first four of the steps required in the Scientific Method. Much of modern science is now “Theoretical”, they are trapped in the fifth stage and are given special compensation for digging up new “Theories”, creating a branch called “Theoretical Physics”. These are now a protected class defined by Cultural Marxism, as the real scientists who follow the Scientific truth and its complete Scientific Method are under the mercy of authoritarian political correctness and a false religion of “Scientism”.

Now and Then, When I Knew Tomorrow

December 8, 2021

Hi to all my readers,

As of the year 2021 , we are all a witness to the living totalitarian nightmare, one that had haunted my dreams and visions since the early 70’s, most of my friends thought, that much of what I have said back then, to be conspiratorial and fanciful, I assured them, that history has been rewritten, to what end I didn’t know, I suspected it was nefarious, possibly to create a War that would destroy countless millions of lives. I was the outlier who read a lot of books mainly very old books in the library after school and what I didn’t read I borrowed and read over the next few nights, I did wonder why the encyclopedias were up dated every 10 years or so, as the information was the same, so I assumed it was the new data they added, only to find out they deleted and reedited many events and solid data, to be rewritten to imply a different narrative and point of view, a slow brainwashing. TV was not a good source of real information either, it never seem to align with history as was written, it always had twists and turns that never occurred, they called it artistic licence, later without edits to be taken as fact, especially surrounding WWII, the 1918 Spanish Flu and anything about the forming of the United Nation and the US Federal Reserve. In a summary of this type of editing, the Cultural Marxists in bureaucracy edited to their hearts content, filling nuances with political double speak and removing figures and deeds that goes against the main Marxist narrative. For an example, Merriam Webster online dictionary edits the meaning of words regularly, they changed the meaning of Vaccine recently, we know it’s the Cabal who wants to own the words, so who owns the dictionary. (OWN = NWO, mirror word)

I wrote a poem in High School (1969), “A War That Should Never Be”, it was a prophetic vision of things I glimpsed at in a dark future, not something I wished and hoped we would ever go to, especially after reading Brave New World, 1984 and other Science Fiction stories. After leaving school I worked in News Ltd as a copy-boy, I was curious how the News cycle was implemented and wanted to learn more, mainly after reading a lot about the history of the publishing industry, especially its machinery, inventors and such. The political alignment of the News Corporations was not in my sights or my concern, as a young Artist it did not matter, people were people, at the time I did’t realise the collapse of the Arts occurred a long time ago.

After working there, I became equated with Paul Rigby and Bruce Petty, the two Artist that drew the page three cartoons, much was newly understood and as a young mind I vacuumed every tid-bit. I did learn one thing that changed my ideas about the world, the top down approach was in full swing in the early 70’s much like it has been in the last 100 years, Reuters was owned by the Rothschild’s at the time and this I gathered was why the news I read from copy became propaganda with a object to either ridicule the subject or twist the narrative to conform to a hidden script, being too young to understand what I was looking at, I decided that this industry was not my cup of tea, Fake News was a well oiled machine and I didn’t want to be part of it, the discovery of facts and truth was far removed from the modern journalists vocation, it only lived in my own version of an ethical and unsullied journalists philosophy. Meeting Rupert Murdoch was possibly a notable event for a 16 year old, it impressed upon me the power one man could yield if they control the flow of information, he encouraged my pursuits in the art department and wished me success, this seems like the devil was giving me encouragement.

I watched the Vietnam War in the 60’s, with it ending there was a mass dispersal of Vietnamese refugees world wide, it did not make sense, why would you send people out of the country when you needed them to rebuild it? I guessed that the UN had some sort of agenda. After much thought and clear facts of history that it was clear that mass migration was one of the tools to destroy Nations, for both host and donor nations. My family migrated from Finland in 1959, I was aware of the whole problem, as a child I asked my dad, “why did we come here (Australia), this is not as nice as home?”, my dads reply was straight forward and without candy, “After the war, we had to pay half our salary as reparations for losing the war against USSR, this means working 16 hour days, Australia offered a nice immigration plan so we can start again.”. I discovered later that my dad was right, the average Finnish man died in his 50’s due to this massive burden, sadly my father died at 55 here in Australia from much of what happened in the war, it was a pity that we never returned to Finland even though the debt was paid, but the people never completely recovered from the burden of sustained excess work load.

Here is a list of manufactures items, that should give you an idea how much the Finnish men had to toil after the war in which they suffered to support, feed a family and work ridiculous hours to comply with the USSR demands. Remember this was a country of only 4 million people. Here are some of the deliveries made:

52,500 electric engines
1,140 transformational stations
30 mills with power stations
525 narrow gauge locomotives
76 units of modified Railway engines to 750mm gauge
619 vessels
7 ice breakers
91 of 300 tonne schooners
37208 railway wagons of wooden house materials
520 complete wooden houses

So many years have passed since my youth and many struggles to understand our world lay before me, never knowing why the goal posts of a great and enlightened society kept moving further away. I was born with gifts that obliged me to pursue my artistic goals, singing, drawing, painting and poetry were activities that I was exemplary in, so this was the direction I focused upon. Science, Mathematics, Geology, Astronomy and Engineering was essential to my understanding of the world and the artistic goals that was driven by my psych, where all the great Artists from history of mankind was my measure. At this point I realised that parts of the Sciences was being misdirected by a cabal of dis-informants bent on destroying our civilisation. As I later discovered it has already been partially destroyed by the Universities and Colleges a long time ago, there was only outliers who knew the full truth, this revelation was not known by me until I was in Art school and met the Marxist indoctrinators in person and how they operated, still in hindsight, it seemed America had many who knew the hidden agenda, as I had been an avid reader of the underground fanzines and rare tabloids.

This was a defining period where my suspicions were being confirmed as to the motives of a hidden cabal that I knew very little of. I chose not to enter the system of lies and misinformation, as my instincts told me it was a poison that I could not recover from, Art was not meant to perpetuate lies and incorporate a destructive ideology that would surely destroy many lives and the true history. Art has always been historically a vocation to reveal the truth and the show the understanding of the universe. This impasse was to make me rediscover the past and try to rebuild an ancient knowledge long forgotten that had sustained many civilisations for millennia, a world of new discovery lay before me, I only needed to redefine a mental filter that would allow me to see past all the deceptions the cabal had built into the multiple “systems” and bureaucratic layers of our society. I now walked in a mine field, full of distractions, detractors, indoctrinators and the disbelievers of the hidden agenda that was trying to destroy a dream of a common sense, healthy and fulfilling way of life. Pointing out the totalitarian defects of the UN world system of governance to others, was met with me being labelled as a “conspiracy theorist” or I was “out there”, so I held that as a badge of honour, as they could see nothing and they never questioned anything, how the tide has turned, all those detractors are living in a Fear induced psychosis.

First I had to rediscover my own time line, where I stood in the moulding of culture that had been taking place in my lifetime and in my generation. I thank my primary school teacher for encouraging me to express much of my innate artistic nature, this is where I rediscovered the Art and Architecture of Gothic and the Renaissance, which owes its heritage to ancient Greece and Rome, which intern owes it to the remnants of Ancient Egyptians and the Temples and Vedics of India, while the ancient Europeans seemed to have been lost somewhere in a deluge. The timelines of history did not give a clear path of our past, it seemed the older the Civilisation, the greater the accomplishments. I was at this juncture that I realised we had spiritually, mentally and intellectually fallen somewhere in the past (500BC) to very low barbaric times we call the “Dark Ages”, while subject to a form of global amnesia and was slowly regaining many technologies to create a more functional society over the centuries.

At this point I could see the cyclic nature of Civilisations, not as the history books codify as a slow progress from the caveman to agriculture then villages then nations or the three stages of civilisation before its downfall, as in the written version of the fall of the Roman Empire and others. The complete cycle was a long 25000 years and simply followed the Zodiac in its ages and character of their times, research the “Yuga Cycle” to clarify what I am indicating. The Egyptian history itself defied many typical historic narratives, showing clearly that the older the artefacts and buildings the greater the precision and technology, something did not fit. The multitude of Ancient Indian Temples, Meso-American buildings also show this same pattern, this was to finally make all the history books become so much wasted paper, full of assumptions, lies and founded in a poorly scripted narrative. Much fantasy that appealed to many doubters, such as Aliens, time portals and many other stories would be exploited by Hollywood, Comics and tabloids, again to keep the truth seekers from uncovering how our society has been misdirected to push us into the occult New World Order, now openly admitted in public discourse, as it is no longer a “Conspiracy Theory”, it is an open conspiracy and we all know the facts, less is hidden every year.

So what does one say to his friends and family about the world you have discovered many years ago that they are not aware of, “not much”, as I found out by trying to explain to others the complex web of lies that are wound on almost every historic, scientific and cultural event. So I decided to create Memes and Cartoons that expressed much of what I know in a simplified way. The role of the classical Artist would be to create large artworks with historical figures, showing symbolic gestures, symbolism, dramatic poses and scenery that show a complex orchestration of thematic material and show the state of the world and it conflicts, This genre is still open to me and I will proceed with such a work in the future when my living conditions are right, at present the battle is still in progress and the demarcations lines of dramatic revelations have not been drawn as yet. This is called the “Historic” genre and is much more complex now than anytime in recent history.

The cartoon series I started called “Where Now?” was a small attempt to recover what page three Artists did for the last 100 years, excluding the last 20 years were it has been scrubbed, due to its revealing nature, creating a problem for the New World Order dictated press. I then drew, usually in one sitting and generally without any sketches and directly with ink. So I continued with it adding a few of my artistic ideas, like “Mic Oligar”, “Random Choices”, “Statistical Reality”, “Counter Actions”, “Apathy”, “The Scammer”, “The Odd Ball Inventor”, “Synthonyms”, also creating “Memes” and rebuilding comic, newspaper and magazine covers with new insightful messages. So much fruitful resources I could gather from the bread crumbs of the Psychopaths that were trying to reshape the world. I stopped my cartooning in 2017 as I realised that the Big Tech platforms and the Deep State were trying to destroy many voices that were waking up the public to the many lies, imminent dangers and false narratives in our society.

They have declared War on the public mind by criminal lies printed as truth in the main stream media, I was not going to be silenced because I was prodding the NWO Hydra, so I took another path, much more suited to my talents, to unwrap the history and technology of the Ancient past. Speculation on the past was not so offensive to those who already have dismissed you as a outsider. My contributions to the counter narrative has been to clarify some solutions and open a door to creative expression, by adding a few vernaculars to the mix such as “Demonrat”, “Conspiracy No More” , “Illusion of Democracy”, “6uild 6ack 6etter”, and many more, now used to describe complex memetic ideas. This unravelling of the ancient past was to establish a direction we could reformulate to build a system that could not be corrupted by psychopaths or those with dark and unsavoury influence that corrupt society, like Soros.

If you want a Tshirt from Red Bubble that show you the three state NWO hazard proof click here.

I would rather paint, draw and sculpt than engage in Memes, Satire and critiques of modern society, it is just they have left me no choice, the Cabals outreach had destroyed our Art institutions and replaced them with degenerate Marxist trash. It sure sounds harsh, but it is the softly softly approach that causes the most damage to the minds of the youth, by filling them with unrealistic promises that only lead to self destruction. Giving them praise in matters when they have truly failed, encouraging training and rote learning over understanding and no self criticism or reflections on any mistakes, these are recipes for a society of ineptitude and weak moral fibre. We are not perfect, this is a truism, regardless we still should strive for proficiency, mental finesse and holistic understanding of our chosen vocation. Four years of Medical School might make you a Doctor in Certification but does it render your heart and soul to a Qualification that only the spirit of honesty and true empathy can tender. A Technician in not an Engineer, the Technician applies rule based algorithms while the Engineer applies deep understood principals of Science, Technology and life experience. Does this also apply to Politicians? What qualifies a Politician to be able to apply policies that the majority of people demand? Is it his ability to use words and organise the resources for the benefit of the people, yes, this is their imperative but is it what they all actually do in real life? How can a politician become very wealthy if they are on a government salary, they cannot use their influence to dabble in stocks or property to benefit their financial position, this is immoral behaviour and is surely illegal but that is what they do, in cloak of darkness and by proxy.

The term “Red Pill” as a wake up call for conscious return to reality was taken from the movie “The Matrix”, the title was a synonym for the Cabal or the Deep State. The “Blue Pill” was “woke” version of reality, a zone of phantom racism, rampant misogyny, open borders, gender fluidity, no police, free everything and nobody has to work, as this is the weak low expectation philosophical fantasy world they are told exists if we choose it, first get the jab. As history will show the first openly subversive organisation to pose as a surrogate of the Cabal was “The League of Nations” back in 1920. The LON had a charter and demanded a solidarity of Nations to act against other Nations that did not comply with its tenets, this was written into the charter, hiding with words of good intentions was a totalitarian authority called the “New World Order”, which now has become the United Nations, united against those who do not agree with their ideas.

My Poem and Short Story

In 1983 I wrote a short science fiction story, here is the synopsis:

“A space craft lands on a new planet, they find no inhabitants with many empty cities and lots of undergrowth, maybe centuries of neglect. The space fairer’s search the ruins to find many rooms with special seating and what looks like headgear and a console. After some investigation, they jack into a central hub computer and find that a simulation was running for around 10 years, the people no longer lived normal lives, they were fed intravenously and robotics looked after the infrastructure. A power failure caused catastrophic damage and could not be repaired, after much robotic patching and rigging to sustain the 3d simulation, it also failed, people woke up and died almost immediately, due to the massive cognitive dissonance on entering the true reality not the simulation. Despair and loss of skills, atrophy of physical mobility and starvation destroyed the rest.”

We are in 2021 and the sad sack Zuckerberg has instigated “META”, this a the 3D simulation that will destroy the minds, hearts and the will of the countless victims of this leftist progressive life altering hoax.

I wrote this poem in May 2021, to condemn those who are foolish and blind enough to align themselves with wokeness:

They Have Forgotten by Arto Juhani Heino (c) 2021

They look out the window of the glaziers art while framed in the carpenters skill.
They stand on floors of the builders planks and the tree loppers handy work.
They stand in the house by the drafts-man, the architects dream and the miners steel.
They stand digesting the farmers produce and the work of the cookwares smith.
They stand in the room made warm by the coal diggers toil and an engineers whim.
They stand on the hallowed ground made free by the soldiers sacrifice and patriots will.
They stand there wearing garments made by the sheep herder, cotton farmer and the spinner.
They stand there warm and safe in a large world with small minds that see a single frame.
They stand there raising their fist in anger to the all those that gave you life, liberty and freedom.
They stand there never knowing humanity and its work is but a puff in a dandelion field.
Such is the troubling times of the ignorant, the coerced, the indoctrinated and slave of a hidden cabal.

The Big Money Scammers

We know his name as the “Gate” keeper, he directed Microsoft to be an insecure and bug ridden operating system, easily to disable and infiltrate, allowing outside hackers to steal and damage your computer. Who are these hackers, a small percentage are hard core criminals, where the large proportion are really the Cabal itself hiring actors and proxies to do their will, dirty Soros money plays an indirect role here. The University trained Marxists have computer skills, they watch Dystopian movies and read Dystopian Comics, the “Woke” clothing companies created clothing fashion to coincide with this vision, to add to the mix, “Zombies” became the thematic material for pop culture for the last 10 years. The Cultural Marxists took over the Arts long ago, it was not as blatant in its opposition to Family and Nationhood as it has been now when we can easily see when “Woke” is written into the script, Ad or Comic. The Cabal decided that poisoning the public in multiple ways was just what they need to do, in out tastes, smells, thinking, movies, books, art, music, medicine and food, so chaos rules our lives.

So we can see the “Smirk” written on Bills G’s face, he is hiding a false reality that he help nurture, we all think a “Virus” is a thing that enter into your software via your hardware connection and starts to destroy it, so we buy “Virus Scanners” for this purpose. With the help of many Woke Professors and Gates himself, they equated Hardware with the brain and Software with the mind, the next step, with the help of Bill again was to equate Hardware as your body and Software as your DNA inside the cell, which was done successfully by a fraudulent science call “Virology”, promoted strongly by his partner in this criminal enterprise, Mr Fauci. The so called “Virus” would enter your body via touch, mouth and breathing and destroy your cells by entering it, causing disease and you would die, this is the discredited “Germ Theory”, your body would have to deal with it, so a Vax would be like a “Virus Scanner” that would help fight it and destroy it. They even said they added extra “Stuff” to it to make it even better, an “Upgrade” on the standard model, they would upgrade your DNA, using mRNA technology, a distraction as Graphene Oxide is the main killer, it acts like nano sized razor blades inside your blood system. The idea of prevention and health safety is the mental rubbish they filled the leftist “Woke” minds, while destroying any critical thinking skills along the way, still, they usually wake up from the psychosis after they are in hospital suffering from thrombosis.

We need to celebrate Poland, as they have begun the Nuremberg Trials 2.0, against all those who are creating such chaos, murder and suffering in the lives of humanity. At the same time the EU are trying to nullify and cancel the “Nuremberg Code”, the same code they wrote to vilify Germany after they lost the war, on perceived and imagined crimes, now it is coming back to destroy them.

Just so my reader understands, this criminal cabal was clearly understood in my ode from a previous post in 2014.

I thank my readers for their support, regards Arto.


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The Hectic Memetic and the Poetic Noetic

September 15, 2018

The Hectic Memetic and the Poetic Noetic

by Arto Juhani Heino (c) 2018

As an Artist, I have given my best to simplify very complex human perceptions about the world around us, using a pencil or brush. The use of language lends itself to the same simplification where brevity and the use of poignant word choice can shorten a paragraph of verbosity to a sentence.

The “Meme” as it is understood by the current usage is just another tool for communication, something that requires a creative effort to master, thus becoming an Art-form. Whether the words and the picture compliment or contrast is one of those creative decisions, the words alone can carry the weight of the expression, saying this, it does require the creator to weigh the truth along with both sides of the argument, bias is easy to pick out also where the clarity of truth shines like a beacon.

There are success qualities of “Memes”, whether they can be understood by those who do not grasp the question, the statement or the argument is one of those qualifiers that must be tested by the anonymous reader of a Meme. Quite often a quote written by a historic figure is used to qualify its weight of a truth, not withstanding not all historic figures were correct or accurate in their line of argument.

Those who are affronted by a “Meme” have generally misunderstood the breath of its implication, where there seems to be an element of low IQ, lack of broad mindfulness, less life experience and a vested ideology to this misunderstanding. There are placards that espouse a rhetoric that are not memetic but rather a trope from an echo chamber of Marcuse/Alinsky type buzz words, all which have weak arguments that are generally biased towards an ethnic, tribal or ideological cause. Examples of poor understanding of created “Memes” are found in the slogans written by many political protesters in the Democratic or Socialist side.

One word or a name can be enough, peppered with poetic intent, to qualify. This is where I started my own journey of word play, which I called “Synthonyms”. Even a Meme has its own sets of Genre, by that we can begin to classify Memes just as we have every other art-form.

Let us see where this brings us in comparison to other art-forms, with examples of genre:

Art-form         Elements                      Genre

Painting          Figure                           Portrait

                         Landscape                   Historic scene

                         Portrait + Landscape Famous Figures and Battles

Writing           Fiction                          Novel

                         Non-Fiction                 Journalism

                         Historic Fiction           Fictionalized Journalism

Music              Vocal                            Folk

                         Instrumental               Quartet

                        Vocal + Instrument    Pop Song

Meme             Word                            Ambigram, Logo

                         Statement                    Placard, Slogan, Quote

                         Picture                         Cartoon

                         Word + Picture          Word Art

                         Statement + Picture                     Advertising

                         Word + Statement + Picture       Info graphic

My own explorations:

Synthonyms    Word meanings synthetically mixed with onomatopoeic words sounds – refer to my previous blogs.

Artext                 Conformed design rule base picture words as a synthetic hieroglyph. – refer to my previous blogs.

These were just a few general ideas on the validity of a well worn art-form.

Historic Meme

Artists as far back as Da Vinci have created Cartoons that express particular attire when describing those they wish to either be a target of satire or to a complimentary stature.

The caricature of prominent figures were the first form of cartoonish statement, that could be considered a basic Meme. Where the Artist would mimic an elephant or a pig for a rotund politician, or portray a weasel, rat or snake as those who bore ill will to the public good.

The newspaper page three cartoon was a very popular icon for at least 100 years and has only recently been retracted from most news print, leaving many of those Artists now without a platform of expression. They were allowed freedom of political scope as long as they were pinning a truth of some sort. Whereas now the cartoonist must tow the political left leaning byline or they are ostracized and without a job. Many cartoonists have decided to expand there audience and internet presence due to the politically correct climate.

So a meme is a collaboration and coordination of a few artistic, expressive and intellectual gravitas with a good dose of historic wisdom. The question remains, why is the EU trying to eliminate an Art-Form from our palette of human expressions? Regards Arto

Here are some different Meme types I have been working on recently.

A Song Written

September 6, 2018

A Song Written

by Arto Heino (c) 2018

In my current working volume, I have not quite completed my music chapter, besides any personal and family obligations, this delay is the usual problem of simplifying many complex concepts. I will also publish a Song book prior to the next volume, included here is one of those songs.

Song Writing

Is there a a simple methodology to Song Writing?

Yes, by exercising your imagination and highlighting your life experiences by finding your emotional connections to those memories. Now that is as clear as mud, says the guy with a blank sheet of paper and a guitar, eager to write the next classic.

There is three ways to approach this art-form:

1 – Emotional memory

2 – Technical structures

3 – Poetic expression

Emotional Memory

That rush of feeling you get sometimes when you reflect on a turn of events. For example, a blues song writer relies on this for his source material, the subject is usually a fairly well worn experience, such as money problems, relationship difficulties or work related situations.

This capture of a emotional reflection can be painful, happy, sad, euphoric, funny, pleasurable, romantic or even angry. There are no limits to what constitutes a singular or group emotional experience, this all depends on the number of life experiences of the writer.

Technical Structures

These are segments of chordal and rhythmic cadences that exemplify an emotional response within the musician and the listener. They are codified in a multitude of elaborate harmonic structures, which have been used and notated in many genres over the centuries. Modern Jazz uses a many of these passages as either “riffs” or “vamps”, to be used as improvisational tools to create musical coherence.

The tone and instrumentation are also important technical factors when you are constructing the general idiom, for example, folk songs, they are not generally any more than a single voice and one instrument played to compliment the vocal line .

Poetic Expression

This is when the written world of poetry define the content of the musical expression. These are usually exemplified by the unusual word rhymes that a lot of poetry contains. The word combinations can direct the melodic and harmonic outcome in many unusual ways. Not all poems can turn into simple songs, but with enough creativity and adjustment literally every poem is a song waiting to be defined in musical terms.

My Song As An Example

All three approaches are used, regardless of the genre to write any song, saying that, motivation and your inner need are a precursor to any inspiration in song writing.

Written and illustrated by Arto Juhani Heino (c) 2018

Here is one of my songs that I wrote, it uses all three approaches clearly and expresses an emotional release of unrequited love, something that many artists of the romantic genre suffer with an abundance of. As the creator, I own all the copyright and authorship, there are no issues with publishing it on my blog, saying that, I have also broken down many well known hit songs but due to the infringement issues, I will not publish them here, they will forever be my own personal research.

I wrote the chorus as an isolated musical passage that I felt reflected a deep yearning to a loved one, be it any gender or even religious if I replaced “darling” with “Lord”, thus changing the meaning of the song.

The chords were a simple choice, starting at the 5th from the key of C, which is G, yet I chose G6, the reasoning is that it contained an E as a harmony element relating to the E in the next chord, from a 6th tension to a 7th tension. The Fmaj7 has an A as the 3rd which is the melodic note for “you”, which in turn actually goes up in the melody as the Fmaj7 chord go down in the scale, using contrary motion as a way of expressively creating tension. In the end of this first motif, “you” moves down from A back down to G in the melody, which in turn resolves the contrary motion and ends the first passage by the chordal resolution to the tonic C major chord.

The second motif in the chorus is the counter melody, responds to the first part by expressing who the song is directed to. Rather than repeat the last two notes as in the first motif, the melody moves down from the F to the E, leaving an interesting tonic to a 3rd resolution, resulting in a satisfying end to complete the first melodic fragment. The melody is repeated but instead of “love”, I replaced it with “darling”, this term accentuates the endearment and heartfelt stirring of calling to a romantic figure.

The bridge was written much earlier and wasn’t related to the original idea, it was about being shy and not revealing your identity. I used it as it complimented the Chorus by giving a face to the caller, abet a reluctant one. There is a tension that is left unresolved by being anonymous, giving the caller a shy or reserved disposition, someone who could be too fragile to face the reality of their unresolved feelings. The resolution is a minor 5th, (Dm) to a major tonic, being G, which is repeated before resolving to C major in the Verse. These chords carry the questions forward into the Verse.

The first line of Verse one was a revelation of intent of why you were calling, explaining that these feelings are normal and part and parcel of being in love. The two minor chords in the first part soften the emotive and lighten the portrayal. The boldness of the second part of the first passage here is exemplified by the imperative of “must”, implying it is a destiny to be filled, beyond the boundaries of personal desire.

The second line repeats the intent, and the second half of the passage boldly proclaims “forever”. This finality exposes the interesting idea of the human soul and the endless cycles of transmigration that occur in reincarnation, stating that love goes beyond a physical phenomena.

The second bridge, is now tempting fate by asking if the caller should reveal the name of their love interest. This is a desperate attempt to awaken the mutuality that is felt, either imaginary by both or in reality, but not said. These are the romantic notions that are felt by many, but never quite realized.

The second verse moves into the dreaming state of shapes of clouds that spark the imaginations of those who are in love, the end of the first line is a confirmation and acknowledgement that it was linked by fate and that both parties have possibly understood. The second line of the verse in another affirmation.

The “Out”, as an ending leaves the whole cannon in a tension of unrequited love, not showing but admitting love is in possession of your heart, where again the mutuality might not be clear.

I hope you have enjoyed this intimate breakdown of an original song that you have never heard, regards Arto.

Ethical Artistic Codes

June 6, 2018

Ethical Artistic Codes

by Arto Juhani Heino (c) 2018

I was preparing to write an article about “Rusty Ryan and the Boyville Brigadiers” and the similarities with “Captain America” and its history, but was side tracked by the current online war called “comicsgate”, which is really a battle between an ideology of some narcissistic comic professionals and SJW comic shops against common sense fans and independent creators. It is where an independent creator Richard C Meyers and his “Jaw Breakers” graphic novel, somehow is flipping the lids on a industry full of SJW’s and their leftists ideologues. I can see that the success of his efforts is trouncing many titles by the corporate efforts of Marvel, DC and others, where sales have been dropping due to the unpalatable content. Whether it is professional jealousy or an ideologically fueled hate campaign smearing Mr Meyers efforts, who knows but with evidence of Torturous Interference by comic shops and some comic professionals, it might become a legal problem as well.

I gave up comic reading/collecting sometime in the late 1970’s, when the stories and characters were becoming a strange admixture of fake experiences, fantasy that was less rooted in real life events, while it also becoming political. It was apparent even back then, that the writers were spinning political narratives. Steve Ditko was the only comic creator and proud independent who was creating in this vein of ideologies and different philosophies, with his well defined and unusual characters (Static, Mr A, The Mocker), much to the surprise of many, he is still creating today at 90.

I picked up and read a small amount during the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and was not surprised to watch it morph into a full propaganda machine for leftist ideas. Comics were always fighting a good fight against the powerful and the demented individuals who did nasty things, now this was extended into a strange minefield of Marxists identity politics and political correctness while also attacking a sitting President in a nasty but veiled manner, Anti-Americanism at the core.

During my investigations in those years I found many interesting titles, and lots of independent Artists and writers, it was starting to look like Silver age was moving towards Platinum status, with the promotion of movies from comics and such. To my expectations some of the sicker undergrowth that was still attached to comics from the “Underground” of the 50’s and 60’s was resurfacing into the main stream comics, where is the comics code when you need it. As a science fiction underground and Fanzine artist myself in those days, I was not surprised to see it actually happen, the culture precedes the politics.

Promoting New Standards

As I am still editing my current book “Talking to the Birds” Volume II, I have extracted my writing about the “Ethical Artistic Codes” (EAC), a new set of codes I deemed necessary for Illustrated works to apply, so the public are not misguided by the fake and inappropriate illustrations and works created by artists of lean conscience that are motivated by political, narcissistic, psychopathic and some destructive identity politics, SJW and Cultural Marxist agendas. It was an interesting idea that I thought I would explore after seeing too much propaganda from the Leftist ideologues in print and screen.

So here is a set of codes that could be placed in a back corner of each comic to indicate where we are.

IF – Illustrated Fiction

This is by far the most popular category that Artists work in. It covers:

Murals, Comics, Graphic Novels, Books, Magazines, Cartoons

IN – Illustrated Non-Fiction

This is the essential art used by Academia to understand the past and present.

History, Journalism, Archaeology, News, Biographies

IT – Illustrated Technical

The mainstay of Architecture and used by Engineers to design their machines, electronics and chemistry models.

Instructions, Manuals, Engineering, Architecture, Chemistry, Electronics, Labeling, Road Signs

IP – Illustrated Propaganda

Most graphic artists make a reasonable and pedestrian living from creating advertising.

Fliers, Pamphlets, Advertising, Political Logo, Company Logo, Manifesto, Politics, Ideological

The Illustration Codes

Refer to the News Codes, the problems only arise when NP or NF is disguised as NN. This has been duly noted in the election of 2017, where CNN and many other News outlets used their Media over reach to create Fake Propaganda News.

You could change the first letter I to other form:

I = Illustrated Art, Drawing, Painting, Computer Graphics

V = Video CGI, Movies, Cartoon, TV Opinion

S = Three dimensional solid Sculpture, Object, Furniture, Building, Machine

Through my years of reductio ad absurdum, I have found you only need to use four categories to keep a simple graphical order that will be of great benefit to the massive visual chaos that modern society has flung us into.

Imaginary, Witnessed, Measured, Opinion

These four I figured can be written in forms such as:

Fiction, Non-Fiction, Technical, Propaganda

Emotion, Intellect, Experiential, Imaginary

To use another set of four for food production:

Industrial, Traditional, Organic, Non-Organic

Many things in the Arts can be labelled in at least a couple of categories, but not all four. The main reason is that there will have a conflict of perceptions, if you cannot differentiate these four with your material, it will most likely be only “opinion” or best known as “propaganda”. This might seem simplistic, but the greatest wrongs in history have been carried out by mistaking witnessed reality from destructive opinions when they are taken to their bitter and sick finality.

Here are other codes of vital differences that can assure a complete system that will be easy to recognize and can be put into practice without much effort.

The News Codes

The Music Codes

The Food Codes



Artext Poetics

June 5, 2017

Here are a few poems that I recently published on All Poetry, I have also added the titles in my freshly minted writing system “Artext”,(note – the spelling offence is deliberate), regards Arto.


Gene Soul

by Arto Juhani Heino


My creator speaks to my genes
I find it accompanies my dreams

My Eyes find harmony in my creations
My mind is free to allow such beautifications

Do we question our being when nature is our designs
Have we a soul in our frame or is it us genes who finds.



The Blinded Book Face

by Arto Juhani Heino


Nary a whimper,
A glimpse of cognition,
Only blank stares,
And mindless glares.

This is the breed that
has been corralled.

Only opinions and echos,
Sad delusion of plastic civility.


Prediction of Offence

by Arto Juhani Heino


Quite words of solidarity,
Angry voices of peace.

Vicious attacks on piety,
Whispers for genocide.

Am I blinded by darkness,
When depths are so high.

Pander the cruelty,
Bury the kind.




Tesla Coil Conversations

April 4, 2014

Tesla Coil Conversations

by Arto Juhani Heino (c) 2014

Memories of Tesla and 1000 other coils

Arto and Fred standing in front of a Large Cylindrical Tesla Coil, in the workshop and home laboratory of Arto Heino:

Arto: “Stick your hand in at the base of that big Tesla coil and tell me if the voltage is big”, he said while grinning wryly.
Fred: “No way man, I can see the high voltage at the top, which means I might die, because it is the current that kills”, jumps back while he exclaims, being puzzled by his own instinctive understanding.
Arto: “Well said, how did you figure that out?”
Fred: “Just hanging around you, by watching how you avoid touching the primary and any part down at the base of the coil”

He looks around the workshop and sees lots of different balls sizes and some toroids, he can see that they attach to the top of the Tesla coil.

Fred: “Why have you got that ball on top?”
Arto: “To store the reactive charge into the dielectric around the ball while the dielectric component is reflected at the anti-node and will be transformed back to the magnetic component at the base which is reflected by the node, all this happens during each cycle at its natural frequency and is the due to it’s standing wave resonant structure, which relates to the length of the wire being the quarter of the wave length of its natural frequency, while also adhering to the balance of two components the inductive which is the magnetic component and the capacitive which is the dielectric component at the same frequency,”
Arto: “To simplify they act as polar opposites both have reflections at the opposite node, Magnetic/Node, Dielectric/Anti-node, so simple no complicated explanation necessary. This sort of knowledge makes theoretical and mathematical people nervous.”
Fred: “Wow that changes a my way of thinking, they never told me that at school”
Arto: “I understand, sometimes understanding something is not easy, you have to be able to fail and disappoint yourself to get past those prejudices”

Now they are standing in front of a bench with lots of coils, capacitors and power supplies:

Fred: “What’s with that other coil, there is no sparks or ball?”
Arto: “Oh that is a half-wave system, that doesn’t use a reactive transformation like the Tesla Coil. It just swaps between the Voltage/Current transform, but in a nodal resonant fashion, by the length of the wire being half the length of the wave length of its natural frequency.”

Fred points to another fancy coil on the bench:

Fred: “That one their has a ball at either end, and a thick primary in the center.”
Arto: “That is another half wave system, but this one also has capacitive reactive exchanges at either end, it acts like two Tesla coils joined at the base.”

Fred walks over and flicks the switch that is labelled “LC circuit”.

Fred: “Then what’s this other one here, it has a Capacitor and Coil, but it sparks are small”
Arto: “That is similar to the Big Tesla Coil, but it only resonates between the reactive components not the nodal structure, the wire length only relates to the amount of turns and an increase in inductance”
Fred: “Oh so you are saying that resonance can be number of exchange devices”

Fred picks up a long cylindrical neon tube and walks over to the Tesla coil:

Fred: “Check out that Neon light when you bring it to the top of the coil”
Arto: “Yes, that is the high charge density around the top capacitance, it affects the neon inside the tube and makes it fluoresce, that’s why they call it a florescent tube”
Fred: “The light is not bright down here”
Arto: “That is because the alternating magnetic component does not affect the neon in the tube, and the dielectric charge density is low just like the voltage but having said that the current density is high”

Now they are standing in front of a industrial neon light fitting, using a multimeter:

Fred: “How come when I measure the small neon transformer here it only shows 120 volts”
Arto: “That’s the voltage just to maintain the florescent activity in the tube, the ignition circuit starts the florescence and is part of the same transformer, it just creates a inductive high voltage charge when the starter switches”

“It is not hard to teach people to look but its takes a lifetime to educate those to see.” – Arto Heino

This could be one  my last post on WordPress, due to slow sales of my book and lack of support for my work, I will be moving my previous posts and they will be only available as PDFs, sorry I given a lot of my work for free and do not know if I can continue with this blog, good luck to all the experimenters and researchers. Regards Arto.

Tesla’s Art of Individualization

March 22, 2014

Here is a link to my PDF file for my first draft of Tesla’s  Art of Individualization. Please consider a small donation so I can keep writing these types of articles, Regards Arto.


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Tesla Newspaper Articles III

March 20, 2014

Here is another Tesla article, this is the first part of a two part interview from the year 1905, I will post the second part in the next blog entry, again it is from Australia. Thanks to the National Archives in Canberra, regards Arto.


The Daily News (Perth, WA) Saturday 1 April 1905


(By, Frank G. Carpenter in the Los Angeles “Illustrated Weekly, Magazine.”)

I give you to-day the substance of two remarkable talks with Nikola Tesla. The first I had in his laboratory on East Houston Street, nine years ago last September. The second was held in the Waldorf tonight.

The first interview was most interesting, giving a wonderful insight into Tesla the inventor and Tesla the man, but it was never published, for Mr. Tesla, at its close, on the ground of business reasons, begged that I say nothing about him for months to come. I wrote out the notes, however, and laid them away, and when I met Mr. Tesla tonight I told him I now intended to use them. At the same time we had the most extraordinary conversation about his recent discoveries and inventions as to the transmission of force, which I reproduce in the latter part of this article.


First take a glance at Tesla the man. He looked more like an Italian savant than a hard working inventor when I saw him in the Waldorf tonight. He was in evening dress, and was the most striking figure of the score of public men who stood about the lobby. Mr. Tesla is now 47 years of age, and is in his physical and intellectual prime. He is tall and slender, his head is long, thin and intellectual, with a forehead high and full. He was born in Hungary and educated there, but he speaks English perfectly, and is one of the most charming conversationalists I have ever met. During my chat of some years ago he talked of his boyhood. His father was a clergyman of the Greek Church, and Nikola was intended for the priesthood. He had a brother older than himself, whom the rest of the family, considered much brighter. That brother died young, and this so crazed his father and mother that it took them long to realise the genius of Nikola. If he stood well in his studies his father’s eyes would fill as he thought how much better, perhaps, the other son might have done, and whatever Nikola did was always compared with the possible work of the boy who had passed away. His first education was in the public schools of Gospich, and after that he went to the Real Schule at Karlstadt. As he went on with his studies he liked mathematics so much that he intended to fit himself to be a professor of mathematics and physics, and with that view studied at the Polytechnic School at Gratz. He changed to the engineering course, and later on stud- ied philosophy and languages in the colleges at Prague and Budapest. He has since been made a doctor of laws by Yale and Columbia. Shortly after completing his studies Mr. Tesla was associated with the Government of Austria-Hungary in the telegraph engineering department, where he invented several improvements. From there he went to Paris, to be engineer of a large lighting company, and thence to the United States, where he was employed by Thomas Edison in his laboratory. His next position was that of electrician to the Tesla Electric Light Company, and at the same time he established the Tesla laboratory, from which his great inventions have come.


During my chat with Mr. Tesla I asked him when he first realised that he had the inventive faculty, and he told me he had always been inventing something or other. When he was quite a small boy he made toy guns, which would shoot birds, and as he was the only one who could make them he supplied the boys of his neighborhood. He made clocks at eight or nine years of age, and began to dabble in electricity before he was in his teens. His first determination to devote his life to invention came shortly after he went to London to deliver a lecture before a scientific society there. At this lecture he met Lord Rayleigh, the great physicist, and showed him some of his experiments. Rayleigh said that he had undoubtedly the faculty of discovery and that he would succeed as an inventor. “Shortly after this my mother died,” said Mr. Tesla, “and I concluded to exert this power. Lord Rayleigh had said I possessed it, and, upon examining myself, I believed him correct. I did not want to waste my powers on small things, and I decided to strive towards something that would benefit humanity. I am working on an invention for the transmission of force. This invention will, I believe, revolutionise the world of labor. I am also working on electricity, and I cannot remember when I was not working more or less in the direction of a successful flying machine. My idea as to that is along different lines than any yet proposed, and I expect to see it realised. Indeed, we shall eventually have flying machines that will be large enough to carry crowds through the air. They must be large in order to succeed”. These words were uttered by Mr.Tesla nine years ago. Today he says he has completed his force transmission invention, as will be seen, by my Waldorf conversation, which follows. He has also done other things which he proposed in that interview. Remember, it was before the time of the wireless telegraph, but he then said to me the following:—   “I tell, you, we are on the threshold of a new era. We have only begun to master the great forces of Nature, and the inventions of the next few decades will be far superior to any of the past. What would you think of standing on the shore and telephoning to your friend in midocean? What of being in the centre of a room and making your whole body blaze with light? What of sending power to and fro over tho earth at will and making it do its work anywhere, and almost anyhow?


Mr. Tesla told me that his greatest pleasure was in his work, and that he could conceive no moment so exciting and rapturous as that connected with the discovery of a new principle which, when put into use, would revolutionise the work of the world. Take, for instance, the invention which brought forth the apparatus used in the transmission of power at Niagara Falls. Said he, as he took me to a great coil of wire wound round a stationary magnet, which was connected with the dynamo, and held above it a little globe in which was a steel wheel moving on a pivot: “I had been working on that experiment for a long time, and this was the test. I know that if I were correct the wheel in this globe, would revolve as soon as I turned on the electricity. It did revolve, and I know. I had discovered  what would revolutionise the labor of tho world. You can run all sorts of power by that principle. You can take power from Niagara and bring it to New York. The cars can be pulled by it, factories run, houses heated and dinners cooked. I cannot describe my sensation when I saw the wheel revolve. I thought I should go crazy, and I went home, to my laboratory and took some bromide of potassium to quiet me. “It has been the same in some of my experiments with electric lights and other things. No 1 the greatest rapture one can have is to discover a new force or series of forces which will reduce man’s working necessities to the minimum. I do not believe in laziness, and I should like to see the loafer wiped from the face of the earth, but I want that those who are willing, to work should accomplish their results with the least labor and in the best way,”


As to Mr. Tesla himself, there is no harder worker known. He told me that he seldom slept more than four hours of a night, and during some periods not more than three. When in the thick of a new invention it was hard to sleep. His work in always with him, and he says that his mind sometimes works in his sleep. He awakes in the morning to find that the problem which had worried him when he went to bed has been practically solved overnight. He has always been a light sleeper. His mother died at 70 and she never took more than four hours sleep. His father also was a light sleeper. Tesla is a peculiar worker. Failures do not trouble him.  After he undertakes a thing and decides that it should come out a certain way, he keeps on experimenting and experimenting, believing in his success. He says that if he doubted his ability it would make him crazy. He seems to have a dual mind. He told me that he often found himself carrying on two trains of thought at the same time, and said that while he was talking to me he could see the figures of some of his calculations behind me and could carry them on at the same time. He is always figuring. His scrap basket is filled with the calculations which he has torn up and thrown away. He keeps a record of his experiments, and when his laboratory was burned some years ago he lost the work of years in ideas and suggestions which had thus been recorded. (To be continued on Monday)

Tesla Newspaper Articles II

March 17, 2014

Here is another set of Tesla articles, from the years 1901 to 1907, again it is from Australia. Thanks to the National Archives in Canberra, regards Arto.


The Cumberland Argus and Fruitgrowers Advocate, (Parramatta, NSW) Wednesday 27, February 1901


The system by which Mr. Nikola Tesla hopes to be able to signal Mars. Mr. Tesla recently said to an interviewer : — ” It seems to me that only men absolutely stricken with blindness can hold that the earth is the sole planet inhabited by intelligent beings. I have perfected my transmitting apparatus to the extent that I can understand to construct a machine which, without a doubt will be fully competent to convey sufficient energy to Mars to operate delicate appliances such as are used here. Since we ourselves are so far advanced, is it unreasonable to believe in the possibility that of the 20 or 25 planets of the solar system, one, if  not more, may be ahead of us in evolution ? The time has arrived for the electrician to join the astronomer in the explanation of neighbouring worlds.

Fourth planet from sun (140 millions of miles distant). Diameter — little more than half the earth’s Atmosphere like ours. The black signifies water; the white, land. Note the wonderful canal system, proving that the Martians are highly civilised.


Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald & General Advertiser Thursday 18 July 1901


In a recent interview, Mr. Tesla gives the following description of some of his recent achievements :-“With a small engine, capable of pressing a piston backward and forward with a force of but two pounds, I have set an entire block of modern buildings, by careful attunement, into such a swaying that the people rushed out affrighted. With an impressed force of a fraction of a pound I caused steel rings of several square inches cross-section, capable of supporting several   hundred tons, to vibrate and form loops like thin piano wires, until they finally broke.”


The World’s News (Sydney, NSW) Saturday, 24 June, 1905

Tesla Patents.

“A” broad field has apparently opened to tho electrical world   with the expiration, of the three patents granted Nikola Tesla in 1888, covering fundamentally the rotary field type of electric motor. But the actual situation developed by the expiration of these patents is slightly obscured by the patent granted Tesla on the split phase motor in 1890, which still remains in force. The electro-magnetic rotating field was discovered by Professor Galileo Ferraris, of Italy, and on a broad application of the rotating field to alternating current motors the first Tesla patents were issued.   Courts have held broadly, in a number of decisions in litigation concerning these three patents, that they cover the system of producing power from an electric motor by means of the rotary field. Hence it seems reasonable to assume the principle of the rotary field is released to the world of invention by their expiration, in audition, in so far as the split phase patents are concerned, the   invention of this principle by Tesla was denied   by two Courts, one of these decisions being sustained on appeal, and the other reversed. But it remains to be decided by those interested to what extent the line of subsidiary patents issued during the life of the fundamental patents   may narrow the field opened by the termination of the latter.


The Daily News (Perth, WA) Saturday 19 October 1907

Nikola Tesla, the American scientist, says coal is a “back number,” and that we shall soon be driving machinery, running railway trains, sailing steamships, cooking food, and lighting streets and houses by power obtained direct from the sun.