An Ode to the Bastardising of Living History

An Ode to the Bastardising of Living History

by Arto Juhani Heino 2014

They are the secretive and work generationally, over aeons to eradicate free thinkers.
They create the Lodges, Societies and groups and form doctrines to maintain their premise.
They indoctrinate members to carry forward their ideas, maintaining foot holds on power to rule society.
The prime steps of control are the money systems in every country, state and county.
They implant a system of wealth creation by false market exchanges and usury.
The plan is to destroy natural history and organic culture by any means possible.
They begin disenfranchising artists, scientists, engineers, farmers, poets and writers.
The artists rebel by expelling fractured images, cacophonous sounds and creating a reflection of their shattered lives.
The scientists become stripped of resources and are left to theorise.
The engineers are left to repair and maintain a broken system.
The farmers are put in servitude to the land owners and corporate resellers.
The writers are left to write about the frivolous and mundane.
They peak in profiteering as false wars wipe out the cultural continuum.
They replace its threads with contrived culture crafted by physiologists, political scientists and psychopaths.
They steal the jewels of a generations of artists, writers, scientists and inventors and rebuild a false dialogue.
The lesser artists now follow a false cultural history.
The lesser scientists are now divorced from application and become theoretical.
The lesser engineers are now system interface designers and are separated from invention.
The lesser writers now give account of a false history of life lived, and fiction becomes the norm.
The lesser freethinkers are now chained to perceptions made by false ideologue.
They repeat events as listed and rewrite history.
The light now shines on calamity that praise the death dealers.
The power mongrels are treated as heroes and guiding spirits.
The sustenance of our living culture is poisoned by the misguided.
The bodies of our being are ravaged by the weakness in our nutrition.
The minds of men are now but empty vessels to the oligarchs of society.
This is the way of the Self-appointed Bastards who rule our lives.
The true free thinker cast as a danger to the narrow minds of corrupted men.
The remnant leaders of our time is still bastardising a living history.
The catapult, the axe and the torch are tools for an old destruction.
The image, the sound and the pen are all we have left to begin a revolution.

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