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The Hectic Memetic and the Poetic Noetic

September 15, 2018

The Hectic Memetic and the Poetic Noetic

by Arto Juhani Heino (c) 2018

As an Artist, I have given my best to simplify very complex human perceptions about the world around us, using a pencil or brush. The use of language lends itself to the same simplification where brevity and the use of poignant word choice can shorten a paragraph of verbosity to a sentence.

The “Meme” as it is understood by the current usage is just another tool for communication, something that requires a creative effort to master, thus becoming an Art-form. Whether the words and the picture compliment or contrast is one of those creative decisions, the words alone can carry the weight of the expression, saying this, it does require the creator to weigh the truth along with both sides of the argument, bias is easy to pick out also where the clarity of truth shines like a beacon.

There are success qualities of “Memes”, whether they can be understood by those who do not grasp the question, the statement or the argument is one of those qualifiers that must be tested by the anonymous reader of a Meme. Quite often a quote written by a historic figure is used to qualify its weight of a truth, not withstanding not all historic figures were correct or accurate in their line of argument.

Those who are affronted by a “Meme” have generally misunderstood the breath of its implication, where there seems to be an element of low IQ, lack of broad mindfulness, less life experience and a vested ideology to this misunderstanding. There are placards that espouse a rhetoric that are not memetic but rather a trope from an echo chamber of Marcuse/Alinsky type buzz words, all which have weak arguments that are generally biased towards an ethnic, tribal or ideological cause. Examples of poor understanding of created “Memes” are found in the slogans written by many political protesters in the Democratic or Socialist side.

One word or a name can be enough, peppered with poetic intent, to qualify. This is where I started my own journey of word play, which I called “Synthonyms”. Even a Meme has its own sets of Genre, by that we can begin to classify Memes just as we have every other art-form.

Let us see where this brings us in comparison to other art-forms, with examples of genre:

Art-form         Elements                      Genre

Painting          Figure                           Portrait

                         Landscape                   Historic scene

                         Portrait + Landscape Famous Figures and Battles

Writing           Fiction                          Novel

                         Non-Fiction                 Journalism

                         Historic Fiction           Fictionalized Journalism

Music              Vocal                            Folk

                         Instrumental               Quartet

                        Vocal + Instrument    Pop Song

Meme             Word                            Ambigram, Logo

                         Statement                    Placard, Slogan, Quote

                         Picture                         Cartoon

                         Word + Picture          Word Art

                         Statement + Picture                     Advertising

                         Word + Statement + Picture       Info graphic

My own explorations:

Synthonyms    Word meanings synthetically mixed with onomatopoeic words sounds – refer to my previous blogs.

Artext                 Conformed design rule base picture words as a synthetic hieroglyph. – refer to my previous blogs.

These were just a few general ideas on the validity of a well worn art-form.

Historic Meme

Artists as far back as Da Vinci have created Cartoons that express particular attire when describing those they wish to either be a target of satire or to a complimentary stature.

The caricature of prominent figures were the first form of cartoonish statement, that could be considered a basic Meme. Where the Artist would mimic an elephant or a pig for a rotund politician, or portray a weasel, rat or snake as those who bore ill will to the public good.

The newspaper page three cartoon was a very popular icon for at least 100 years and has only recently been retracted from most news print, leaving many of those Artists now without a platform of expression. They were allowed freedom of political scope as long as they were pinning a truth of some sort. Whereas now the cartoonist must tow the political left leaning byline or they are ostracized and without a job. Many cartoonists have decided to expand there audience and internet presence due to the politically correct climate.

So a meme is a collaboration and coordination of a few artistic, expressive and intellectual gravitas with a good dose of historic wisdom. The question remains, why is the EU trying to eliminate an Art-Form from our palette of human expressions? Regards Arto

Here are some different Meme types I have been working on recently.

The Tale of Three Funnies

April 27, 2018

Back in 2008 there was a news article about the cartoon character “Popeye the Sailorman”, stating that the authors copyright was to run out in January 2008, it was 70 years since E.C. Segar(1919-1938) created his character, 1938 + 70 = 2008. I thought to myself, interesting, what can I do with this iconic figure that is aligned to our current ideas about society?

(copyright under fair use)


I decided to to look around and see what is the growing trend in norms in places like California, bang it hit me, “Drugs”, they were legalizing cannabis, mmm, being an Artist freed from some corporate copyright restrictions I had a poetic license to transform poor old Popeye to my hearts content.

In walks “Dopeguy the Dealer”, I decided to use one of the very popular images as a base, the one Bud Sagendorf drew to promote Popeye, when he speaks, “I yam what I yam!”, I changed that to “I bong when I can!”, it fit. After much creative work I posted it to Redbubble, it was no great success, but I thought that I was being tongue and cheek enough so the community could see how I transformed him into to a modern equivalent.

My upload


Time passes, April 2018, I get an email from Redbubble saying that the Copyright stake holder Hearst Holdings Inc. says I am in breach of copyright, mmm, it seems the USA has extended it copyright laws to 95 years, that means 2033. The rest of the world can use it but not in the USA, so rather than argue with the simple facts about what constitutes differences in character, I just redrew the character so nothing can be said about similarities that lawyers would pick and claim ownership. Redbubble have been excellent in these matters and I highly recommend buying their products, there range and quality are great.

My current picture


If you like my version, grab a Tshirt here

This and many other experiences has made me realize that any character I create, will be given freely to the public after my passing, any benefits are there for anybody to exploit. I would rather leave this planet a little, happier or better than I arrived, regards Arto.

New Cartoons

March 13, 2014

Here are four new cartoon series that I have now created to give me more room to express some of the more unusual aspects in life.
The list includes, “The Scammer”, which we all have been victims of is some way or another and sometime we can see others doing the Scam on TV, Radio, Internet, Emails, Telephones or in the public spaces.

The Scammer
“Statistical Reality”, was born out by the simple discovery of how the media create a false consensus reality by NOT showing the proven statistics that will be in opposition to the promoted rhetoric.

Statistical Reality
“Counter Actions”, is another way of telling you the 1000’s of stories that never get told but are privy to those people that serve over the counter in many types of retail and whole sale environments.

Counter Actions
“Random Choices”, This is one of those ideas that allows you to understand the multitude of possibilities that each person makes in any given situation, can be very funny at times or tragic if your choices are ill conceived.

Random Choices
Here included are my two favorite outlets for my humorous outtakes, “Where Now?”, number 43 and “MIC Oligar”, number 9.

MIC OligarHave fun, Regards Arto.

MIC Oligar – The Illusion of Democracy

February 23, 2011

Hi again, do you like living in willing servitude to the psychopathic rich oligarch, you would say “No Way Man”,  the truth is most people do without knowing it. If you then say “I have a chance like anyone to be rich as well, this is a free country”, think  again, you live in a competitive society, which is fine for you and others, but the system (Deep State Oligarchs, NWO, UN,  Central Banks, Marxists) makes sure you only have very few winners(5%), which are a class to themselves(elites) and the rest of us are treated like dumb losers (deplorables). The idea that you have true freedom is another illusion, you have been slowly bound to a perverted form of the capitalistic experiment for life, where true capitalism is not actually functional and a socialistic version is applied, Communism by stealth.

The Cultural Marxists have redefined the WORDS to imply different meanings, Democracy now implies that it is really Socialism, thus Socialism is good but a Democrat is not someone who applies Democracy, a Democrat now is a political ideology that encompass both Social Democracy and the extreme left Marxist and Communism philosophy, which is has no remnants of democracy in it. The appearance of Democracy in our MSM is really only a round table discussion about the NWO doctrine, not a real exchange of views, they discuss how people should follow it. The MSM group talk on the TV or the UN/EU proclamations of group think policies is a optical mechanism for mind control, which is in reality just a souped up version of what Stalin and Mao had said and so devastated many countries in endless wars and famine in the last century. They target those countries without a Central Bank, while those who have a Reserve Bank like the US, dictate the monetary policy to serve the doctrine of the NWO.

The march through the institutions have born much fruit for the cabal of control, by way of the “Frankfurt School”, the indoctrination of Marxist philosophy has polluted higher education and thus streaming down to the school system to infect our children, with ideas like Critical Race Theory. During the purposeful and calculated process of destroying our faculties with poisoned food, medicine, a chemical and EM fog, we have been awaken from the deep slumber of complacency only to discover that the wolves have infiltrated the Sciences and the Arts, remember they are the minority and we can fix this broken and corrupt system, we just need the will, we have the means and the numbers.

So you say , Democracy demands we all have an input to say and execute social reforms to rid man of poverty, hunger,  homelessness and war, think again, this just does not happen in our so-called perverted democratic system, the Oligarchy create the illusion of a functioning democracy and work both sides so nothing actually gets reformed, only more government control. Bush went to war, because he was told to, so the wealth could be redistributed back to the 5%, either Democrat or Republican (Rino), Obama was given a Peace prize (NWO medal) , when he had more death on his hands than Bush, he can also be credited for destroying more jobs than any living President. They create the wars in other countries while they bleed the populace to pay for it then bleed some more to fix and feed those who lost.

John F Kennedy tried to reform the monetary system based on the Federal Reserve and he was assassinated, read Executive Order 11110.  The oligarchy created the financial crisis and Obama was under instruction to give the money to the same 5% that created the problem in the first place by jacking up the debt, now the rhino republicans are saying cut the debt,  but introduce nonsensical social reforms that make matters worse. This is a beat up on the common folks (patriots), who only want to save the country from having financial and economic ruin, true capitalism is not political or ideological, it is a true and fair labour exchange, except when the DS want to TAX and interfere in your free will to conduct the exchange.  Reality is not so bad, when you actually face it. We need to see a true patriot in office, a great manager of money, a builder and someone tough enough to fight for the working poor. It is an internal fight within the Military Industrial Complex and another that have patriots fighting the Marxist Oligarchs.

New Cartoon strip – MIC Oligar

February 19, 2011

I have just started a new cartoon strip called “MIC Oligar”, strange name you say..mmm

The oligarchy – a power structure in which power effectively rests with a small number of people, like royalty, wealth, family ties, corporate, or military control.

MIC – Military Industrial Complex –  refer to the policy and monetary relationships between legislators, national armed forces, and the industrial sector that supports them.

Just remember all the good guys, family members and real patriots are in the MIC and all the Marxists and the Elites are in the Oligarchy.

Now that you have a background in the mindset of these cartoons, enjoy!!! Check out the flag… should be all stars, what are they?

Here is the second strip, this might hit home to some.

Thanks for checking them out…Arto