New Cartoons

Here are four new cartoon series that I have now created to give me more room to express some of the more unusual aspects in life.
The list includes, “The Scammer”, which we all have been victims of is some way or another and sometime we can see others doing the Scam on TV, Radio, Internet, Emails, Telephones or in the public spaces.

The Scammer
“Statistical Reality”, was born out by the simple discovery of how the media create a false consensus reality by NOT showing the proven statistics that will be in opposition to the promoted rhetoric.

Statistical Reality
“Counter Actions”, is another way of telling you the 1000’s of stories that never get told but are privy to those people that serve over the counter in many types of retail and whole sale environments.

Counter Actions
“Random Choices”, This is one of those ideas that allows you to understand the multitude of possibilities that each person makes in any given situation, can be very funny at times or tragic if your choices are ill conceived.

Random Choices
Here included are my two favorite outlets for my humorous outtakes, “Where Now?”, number 43 and “MIC Oligar”, number 9.

MIC OligarHave fun, Regards Arto.

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4 Responses to “New Cartoons”

  1. Warren Kistenbroker Says:

    Hey, love the site…lots of insight here…I would be interested in hearing more about what you know of tesla coils…attached is my website applying tesla to vortex coils. I have found some interesting things so far….

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  2. Vexman Says:

    Hi Arto, I somehow missed these cartoon post of yours in the past, there was a good laugh waiting for me – so thank you for entertaining my thoughts with these above. I used to read them a lot when I was a kid and you’ve reminded me of such with pleasant nostalgia feeling to it.

    Kindly asking for your permission to re-post / re-publish your cartoons.

    Cheers, Vex

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    • artojh Says:

      Thanks Vex, No problems about republishing them, they were meant to be enjoyed by all ages and time periods, I don’t always have time to create new ones, Regards Arto.


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