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Live Show

September 28, 2014

I am working towards a lecture and live show with live Painting,Tesla Coils, Poetry, Songs, Sacred Geometry and Free form Jazz….. what more can a man do without exploding on stage.

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No Work No Money

June 16, 2010

I am full of hope every time I open my email to see if there are any freelancing work I can bid on. The truth is I bid on 100 and I might get one, I guess these are the odds when you freelance. I still have to pay my bills, I tried every avenue, at 54 you are treated as if you got oodles of savings and your not even in the race. I am a real paint and brushes artist, my craft was hard won, not some fancy software. I refuse to be beaten by a system that tries to dismiss true draughtsmanship as opposed to photoshopping. To be honest, I use photoshop, corel, 3dmax and other programs as AID to my work, yeah I guess you can make Mona Lisa dance but none of these tools can make you an artist. Only the true artist no matter what the tools can create something truly new. Painting is a discipline that requires time, something the modern world tells us we are running out of. I am not out of step with the current trends, I create my own trends that are light years beyond what the mass media try to pump into our heads.

True artists are outsiders, only to be found many years after their departure as something special, Picasso had to declare his uniqueness with the force of his temperament before everybody took notice, where Van Gogh found his vision in relative obscurity. Mr Warhol capitalized on Americans love of kitschy images only to cash in and create an industry of misguided pop artists that is now the norm for commercial art.

If poverty is a reflection of great art then there are very few real artists in this society. The balance must be reset so real artists can create great works without becoming a salesman of kitsch and a whore of the inane mind polluted money machine moguls.

Now that I got that of my chest, anybody interested in commissioning me for an artwork.

New Painting 010610

June 2, 2010

Started a new painting yesterdsay, what you see here is over-painting at least 3 versions of what I started with. The inspiration is now clear and I can proceed to the next stage of realization. Each session reveals new structural adjustments in tone and detail, this is a snapshot of the middle period of a work in progress. This period is the most dynamic, where forms are defined and the painting starts to reveal the intention of the artist. Please enjoy, acrylic on canvas, 3ftx4ft. More updates as the painting progresses.

Winning the Wynn

April 14, 2010

Sitting at home with a sketch pad and delving into the memory of the Australian landscape, which I have enjoyed most of my life, the TV blared “Tom Leach wins the Wynn art prize of $25,000, but copies an old dutch master.”. I was livid at the suggestion that someone copy a 300 year dutch landscape and claims an Australian landscape award, this painting should be nothing but an exercises that an artist does to build up their painting chops when they are still in the learning curve, very early learning, far from mastery!! here is the rip off . I am one of many landscape painters who has spent 20-30 years mastering nuances of paint and colour not to mention formal understanding of composition and all its histrionics, who starve to learn and master the essential. I will say shameless NEPOTISM , IGNORANCE and complete misunderstanding of what it means to paint an original AUSTRALIAN LANDSCAPE….got that of my chest…next.

Current Artwork

April 3, 2010

At present I am painting a canvas 1000mmx750mm and have come to a fork on the road to completion.

I can paint it in Oils.

I can paint it acrylics.

I can paint it in acrylics using water colour techniques.

Horse and carrage version #1

Let;s see which way the wind blows for my final direction.