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Synthonyms II

August 31, 2012

Here are some more Synthonyms, Enjoy.


July 17, 2012

Here are a few of my recent play on words or as I call them “Synthonyms”, enjoy regards Arto

The Fools of Spam Spelling

May 8, 2010

I was cleaning out my mailbox when I realised how many fake “people” had sent me cheap software offers as SPAM. I don’t know where they get the idea someone will buy the stuff they are selling when they can’t even spell what the products are. They are aware of the spam filters looking for key words, so they spell it wrong so it passes the filter search, still they persist, it just fills our junk email folders. The names they use are Soooo FAKE only a total idiot would believe that it is a real person. I brand the spammers as FOOLs by wasting the internet bandwidth, our time and being idiotic enought to believe that we can’t see who they really are. Here is a small list of some of those Text lines used :

AIIl  pooIpuarr Graphics software, dierct downnIoad lin
All popluar_Graiphcs sotwfare, dierct download Iin
CCheap Adobe,,  AApple, QQaark, Roxio softrwaee proudccts
Cheap Adobe, Apple, Qark, Roxio sotfware procduts
Don’t pay ffor a bbox  get only  soft.. OEM with
Don’t pay for a box – get onIy soft. 0EM_with
Mac users dowlonad sowftare here
Any Mac sofwtare you can imgaine
Most inexpeinsve sofatwre store_you can ever find
Most inexepsnive sotfawre store you can ever find
AIl needed software, Easy-to-dowIonad, great_disco
AII_sotfware you’ve ever watned
No need to pay for a fancy pakcage.. Use oem sotfwa
Oem sotfawre shop, Iow_prcies
\/ideo Edtiing_& Web Deisgn software for you
Amazing disocunts for all kind of_sowftare
Sofwtare from great vendors, cheap prices, fast do
Sotfware from great venodrs,_cheap prices, fast do
Sofwtare_from great vednors, cheap prices, fast do
Buy qulaity software now, save up to 80% from ma
The easeist way to get all software you need,_
PopuIar oem_software products, direct dowlnoad lin
DownoladbaIe IegaI sotfware. Don’t think how it
Donwloaadble_softawre, 80% dicosunts
Qulaity sotfware at Iow prices
QuaIity sotwfare at low prices
Adobe & CoreI Iaetst realeses. Dowlonad here
Adobe & CoreI Iaetst relaeses. Dolwnoad here
Adobe &_CoreI laetst reIaeses. Donwload here
Micorsoft, Macoremdia, CoreI, Adobe 0em sofwtare
Most inexpnesive software store you can ever find
Discoonuts ffor accrnois, syamtneec, adobe ssoffwtrarre

Devolution of the Politician

May 3, 2010

Dr Robert Sapolsky has discovered the way forward for our current society. Rid the civilization of the controlling alpha males, such as bosses, generals, politicians, CEO’s etc. He found that a group of baboons that had accidently lost its alpha males when they ate bad food, had not only thrived but grew to be a harmonious and cooperative group. Thus proving that our leaders are just a bunch of controlling ego maniacs that need to be removed.

Here is a youtube video that will interest you

Here is my cartoon “Where Now?” about my take on it – enjoy

Devolution of the Politician

Banks – Another Financial Injection

April 16, 2010

Enjoy my Cartoon – Where Now?

Another Financial Injection

Winning the Wynn

April 14, 2010

Sitting at home with a sketch pad and delving into the memory of the Australian landscape, which I have enjoyed most of my life, the TV blared “Tom Leach wins the Wynn art prize of $25,000, but copies an old dutch master.”. I was livid at the suggestion that someone copy a 300 year dutch landscape and claims an Australian landscape award, this painting should be nothing but an exercises that an artist does to build up their painting chops when they are still in the learning curve, very early learning, far from mastery!! here is the rip off . I am one of many landscape painters who has spent 20-30 years mastering nuances of paint and colour not to mention formal understanding of composition and all its histrionics, who starve to learn and master the essential. I will say shameless NEPOTISM , IGNORANCE and complete misunderstanding of what it means to paint an original AUSTRALIAN LANDSCAPE….got that of my chest…next.

Old picture new meaning

April 5, 2010


I drew this early in 2009, after reading lots of weird stories about the government is controlled by reptilian aliens, so instead of hiding my picture I decided to post it on my blog I am bound to get some reaction from this!