Winning the Wynn

Sitting at home with a sketch pad and delving into the memory of the Australian landscape, which I have enjoyed most of my life, the TV blared “Tom Leach wins the Wynn art prize of $25,000, but copies an old dutch master.”. I was livid at the suggestion that someone copy a 300 year dutch landscape and claims an Australian landscape award, this painting should be nothing but an exercises that an artist does to build up their painting chops when they are still in the learning curve, very early learning, far from mastery!! here is the rip off . I am one of many landscape painters who has spent 20-30 years mastering nuances of paint and colour not to mention formal understanding of composition and all its histrionics, who starve to learn and master the essential. I will say shameless NEPOTISM , IGNORANCE and complete misunderstanding of what it means to paint an original AUSTRALIAN LANDSCAPE….got that of my chest…next.

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