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Book Release – Talking to the Birds

November 15, 2013
Talking to the Birds

Talking to the Birds

“Talking to the Birds”, by Arto Juhani Heino, Volume I, is now available on, 12 Chapters, 356 pages over 250 illustrations and over 70 charts. A diverse compilation of essays, studies and illustrations in the underlying designs and principles behind some of the Arts, Sciences and with some social commentary, taken from an Artists perspective on the world he studies. A book where Art, Engineering and the ancient world meet. Highly illustrated , with artwork, numeric tables, geometries, designs and schematics. It has sections on Tesla, Hendershot, Don Smith, Moray, Sixto Ramos and Ucros. This is Volume I, Volume II is being complied at present.

Here is a pictures that shows some of the backlog in hand written books waiting to be converted to material for next couple of volumes.


I would like to thank all my readers and those who have helped me to bring my work to the public, I am working hard on the next couple of volumes. Watch my blog for some interesting new articles. Regards Arto.