The Earth Pulse Hydrogen Resonator

The Kings Chamber Cavity Resonator

     Now that I have worked out the size of the Kings Chamber in Quantum units, let us see if we can explore the implications of its functions as well, this was one of the most rewarding puzzles I had to solve of recent times. This would become more helpful as I could now scale it to something a lot smaller and useful for experimentation. I have also completed the Quantum Coffer as part of this process, armed with an understanding of quantum arithmetical methods I now could apply my work to just about any Ancient monument that was built to those exacting requirements, this information will surely help give some clarity to date these constructions so we can finally put an end to the time wasting debates that have been festering for the last 200 years.

     It occurred to me a few years ago that the Ancient monuments that are of the most interest were those built pre 3000 BC(my reckoning), as the dating of most monuments are not of that early era, something is distinctly wrong is the way Academia view and date the time-lines of civilizations, each new discovery pushes the dates back further than they would like to admit. To attribute many ancient buildings to a later era distorts the history in a way that denies the true origins of cultural fashions and technological beginnings. As we know writing and mathematics were fully developed at the beginning of the accepted historical time line , not at the end, the Greeks learned from the Ancient Egyptians and the Romans learned from the Greeks, this is also true in India where the Vedic texts have a fully developed society , science, art at the oldest time period. The Aztec’s only rehabilitated the more ancient buildings and a culture they discovered. This brings me back to the Great Pyramid and its function, I can only make assumptions based on facts and some evidence that the Great Pyramid was some sort of machine that was designed by a people that were well versed in structural engineering that surpasses the best efforts of today. The Khemitians as I like to call them , had profound understanding of Astronomy, Geometry and Chemistry, these are evident in the materials, methods and designs of what they have left us, this is a profound and obvious fact that no real researcher can deny.

I would like to forward an idea what the possible usage was for at least part of the mechanism of the Great Pyramid, mainly the Kings Chamber acting as a Cavity Resonator . As I was working with the measurements of the Ante-chamber, I could see that the design vaguely resembled an adjustable resonant cavity mechanism. It seemed there has been a lot of conjecture about what was the original function and design layout of the Ante-chamber, the common view was a sealing mechanism of granite portcullis blocks that were strung up with ropes and made to move up and down locking the treasures of the Kings Chamber from greedy grave robbers. This idea seemed plausible if the Kings chamber really had a King with his treasures to hide, sadly there is no proof that it was ever intended for a dead Pharaoh, a simple fact that no hieroglyphs have been found in the great pyramid can attest to its lack of funerary ritual hieroglyphics that dominate the walls of real graves of the well to do Egyptians and Pharaohs. The scribbles that have been found in the sections above the Kings chamber that were attributed to the builders were the result of a rogue Archaeologists idea of getting some credentials and notification, in reality the markings were of nonsense and of the wrong period.

Christopher Dunn describes a possible Hydrogen power-plant that might be the mechanism of the Pyramid, this interested me a great deal, it started to dawn on me that this is a real possibility. The few clues I found was the sooty deposits in the air shaft in the Kings chamber and the green Dolerite ball that was found by Petrie, the unusual cavity in the South air shaft, and the 4 grooves at the end of the Ante Chamber. The early accounts reveal a few more clues, early accounts attest to finding a 6x4ft slab in the antechamber, now gone, also the results that somebody had blasted their way into the kings chamber passageway, gouging a section from the top part, suggesting this small passageway was tightly closed.

Most researchers attribute the grooves in the wall of the rear of the Ante-chamber to rope clearances or such, where I think it would be ideal to create some sort of piezo vibrator or tuned half pipes to transfer a 7.84 hz tone to the inlet of the Kings Chamber, the inlet for the hydrogen gas would also have been part of the pipe mechanism as well. The Grand gallery could have been a gas fractionator unit that was tuned both acoustically and electrically polarised allowing oxygen to stay in the lower portion while hydrogen could rise into the ante chamber and on through to the Kings chamber via 4 pipes and/or resonators. The action could even have water present allowing water to become part of some sluicing gas production process.

All this is just conjecture at present, the Kings Chamber has 2 shafts, one of those has a unusual cavity that looks like some sort of ball valve system, possibly to allow the valve to close or open when pressure was correct and the other shaft is connected to the outside , possibly connected to another mechanism at the outer exit. The only way for us to discover the purpose is to a build scale model of it and test the many conjectures.

     I have drawn a overhead scaled version with the sonic inlet being the column of gas that  is in the passageway between the Ante-chamber and the Kings Chamber . This is a typical Helmholtz Resonator design, nothing mysterious here, just well engineered for low frequency resonance. The approximate frequency response for Air was a low 2hz, this at first seemed remarkable as a lot of conjecture has been out there in the public for at least 50 years that it resonated at much higher frequencies. If you treat the chamber as a microwave resonator you will have frequencies of about 1.76Mhz, this is a suitable band for communications, but not remarkable in nature.

The most surprising result of looking at the resonant values for the Ante-chamber was a close match of 47Hz, ever though I did not have all the exact measurements for the missing parts. I made an approximate of what has been conjectured by many other researchers, the result was amazing to say the least. I will be working of the Grand Gallery and the Queens chamber as next set of parameters to see if they reveal any evidence of a mufti-chamber pyramidic gasifier that breaks-down water into useful gas energy products such as Hydrogen and Oxygen.

Regards Arto

***Update 22nd October 2016 – I have replaced the drawing, the Helmholtz resonator frequency equation had a typographical error. (bracket was in the wrong place), regards Arto.

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9 Responses to “The Earth Pulse Hydrogen Resonator”

  1. Eric Dollard - Page 30 Says:

    […] Kings Chamber is related to the Earth frequencies. Please refer to my Blog on this, Regards Arto The Earth Pulse Hydrogen Resonator | Artojh's Renderings The Kings Chamber | Artojh's […]

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  2. Special Care Says:


    This is something I can really use, thanks for the info.

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  3. jeff smith Says:

    It is a electrostatic linear particle accelerator. The cavity resonates at 30 mhz with the output being the 10th overtone of 300 mhz or 1 meter. The speed of light. The output of the king and queens chamber are focused on the entrance of the tomb. It was used to transmute lower density materials into higher density materials such as lead into gold etc. By proton bombardment of the target. You half to off set the two frequiences by about 2 mhz or less in order to get the proper atomic spin. Same as in MRI..

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    • artojh Says:

      Hi Jeff.

      Interesting theory, it looks like something I had read about back in 1980’s. The many problem that arise from that approach was the geometry and the mathematics do not stack up, I considered the High frequencies that were suggested by other researchers, the main problem was they could not be engineered in this size volume, only by conjecture of some other mechanism that is not present in the kings chamber. The approach that i have shown you is not theoretical conjecture as much as it is well understood acoustic engineering, I have presented my findings to Stephen Mehler, Christopher Dunn, Samuel Laboy and others, as no one has challenged my engineered possibility, via-a-vis, it looks like my approach hold more realistic achievable results than the MRI microwave theory. I have yet to see the engineering studies that would make 1-10 mtr waves create or transmute metals. As a wave guide, yes this could be possible with a focusing system, maybe, these are great ideas to pursue, but not clearly defined and mathematically certain as the hydrogen resonant cavity calculations and correlations which are not easily manipulated, as any good engineer would point out.

      I am not presenting a theory as much as a possibility of mode of operation based on measurable parameters that really exist.Thanks for commenting, Regards Arto


  4. Giza Power Plant Says:

    […] encouraging as they were very interested in my work on this matter. I have a blog entry on this: The Earth Pulse Hydrogen Resonator | Artojh's Renderings The rest is in my book. Great to see some interest on this topic. Regards Arto Talking to the […]

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  5. Alan Says:

    I have been searching everywhere for accurate measurements (height and width) of the NE corner entrance (at the end of the corridor leading from the antechamber. Are your measurements (1.06 mtrs width / 1.04648 mtrs height) precise as to the entire length of that corridor? Or an average? And especially, are these the values actually AT the north wall entrance to the KC? Or does the ‘hole’ (entrance) have a slightly different (I suspect larger) value?

    Any info you can give greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    • artojh Says:

      Where the chamber inlet height is 2 royal cubits and its width is a little over 2 cubits, based on 20 different measurements by different explorers, Archeologists and Engineers, they all agreed it is bigger than 2 cubits which is 1.06 mtrs. Samuel Laboy has the best possible measurement based on purely geometric and engineering considerations, his book on the Great Pyramid is a civil engineers dream. The crucial measures are in the volumes, as the imperfections on the surface of the granite will only have an extremely small scattering effects for those low frequencies, this is not critical as the volumetric movement of the gas is how the Helmholtz resonator works. My measures are the result of the exhaustive calculations from another part I did not include on my blog, the Ante Chamber(47 hz) and its design built as tuning device from an even lower frequency of the Grand Gallery(Air) at 0.47 hz and the Queen Chamber(Oxygen) at 2.3766 hz, while the Kings Chamber(Hydrogen) is 7.8426 hz.

      These figures have been carefully calculated from the actual dimensions, based on their volumes and each gas that is being generated by the process.

      C = Light velocity = 299792458 m/s
      R = Earth Radius = 6370961.86815 mtrs

      47.056hz = C/(R x 1) – Instigator and tuning device
      7.8426hz = C/(R x 6) – hydrogen
      2.4766hz = C/(R x 19) – oxygen
      0.4756hz = C/(R x 100) – air
      ??????hz = C/(R x ????) – water
      ??????hz = C/(R x ?????) – earth

      It seems that the Pyramid was a working machine that used water as a fuel and it resonant chambers as active disassociates that include – earth hammer(seismic), water hammer, air hammer, gas hammer to generate power. I can only speculate at this point, but I am working on a test rig of very much smaller dimensions and much higher frequency to achieve water disassociation based on the pyramidic pump principals discovered here.

      The simple facts presented here are more than mere coincidence. the staggering display of engineering of the ancients are present in every aspect of their work, my complete article in volume one and volume two. Regards Arto.


  6. Alan Says:

    Thank you for your considered response. I have Laboy’s books but as they have no index I haven’t been able to pinpoint the exact page where he gives those measures of the inlet. If you happen to know that please just send a quick note.

    Considering it is frequently stated that the so-called ‘sarcophagus’ could not have been placed into the KC after its roof had been completed – I find it extraordinary that no-one (that I’ve seen) comments on the curious fact that IF TURNED ON ITS SIDE the sarcophagus in fact fits PRECISELY (with a hair’s breadth all around) into the NE inlet entrance. Do you think this significant? (The ‘plug’ that was removed from the KC by Hawass in the mid-90’s presumably was also cut in these same tight proportions.)

    Your thoughts?

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    • artojh Says:

      Hi Alan,
      I do not have Laboys book, but I communicated with him directly on a few matters, he is a amicable man and he could answer your questions about that particular dimension. As you pointed out the sarcophagus could fit into the passage way, makes sense, if it needs replacing after a time or it fails to operate due to an accident of some sort, which clearly it has been damaged by something.

      I think there has been a lot of mistakes made with the Great Pyramid, superstition, bad science and ignorance play major roles in our misunderstandings. I can imagine a variable that would be addressed if a door had not been removed, the problem of tuning the inlet and the letting the KC cavity self resonate once the action has begun. The inlet could have been a gate of some sort, you can see some groves on top of the ante chamber entrance to the inlet, something was present that is now missing.

      Hawass and his cronies have no idea about the Kemitians, they only believe in the superstitions of the late Dynastic Egyptians. Everything was about some sort of God and it was all made to house a King, very laughable when you think about it, megalithic architecture is still beyond our grasp and they say they were the ones who were ignorant of superior technology, they say it was just sweat and slaves. LOL

      Regards Arto.


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