Tesla Coil Energy

Just a simple calculation of what sort of energy is in a resonant coil:

Here are the basic parameters:

R = 0.424 ohms (Wire)
L = 0.0934 henry (Coil)
C = 1466 pF (Capacitor)
V = 58 volts RMS

The resonant frequency
F = 1/(2xpixsqr(LxC)) = 43 Khz

The maximum amperage peak
I = Vs/R = 136.66 amps max

The root mean squared amperage
Irms = I / sqrt(2) = 96.638 amps RMS

The VA generator apparent power input required
VA = V x Irms = 5605 watts VA Rms

The inductive reactance
XL= 2xpixLxF = 2524.53 ohms

The capacitive reactance
XC= 1/(2xpixCxF) = 2524.53 ohms

The Quality of the Coil
Q = XL / R = 5948.65

The Voltage magnification of the coil
VL= XLxI = Q x V = 345022 volts RMS

The potential rise inside the Capacitor
VC= XCxI = 345022 volts RMS

Energy circulating in the Coil and the Capacitor
WL=1/2 x L x Irms^2 = 174.5 joules max
WC=1/2 x C x VC^2 = 174.5 joules max

The Resonant Condition

As you can see all the energy is continuously oscillating between the coil and the capacitor, or between the magnetic component of electricity and the electrostatic component of electricity. This energy can be expressed as watts and horse power as Tesla has done in his many articles, thus describing the massive movement of energy per second, allowing the reader to sense that it is a very powerful oscillator.

time = 1/frequency = 0.000023254 seconds

Watts = joules / time

Watts = 174.5 / 0.000023254

Watts = 7504699 watts

Horse Power = 7504699 / 745.697 = 10064 HP


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3 Responses to “Tesla Coil Energy”

  1. David G Dawson Says:

    Hello Artojh,
    One question please?

    How did you evolve to use 43 Khz in this presentation?



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    • artojh Says:

      Hi David,
      Nice to hear from you.

      43000 hz was arrived at an approx average between 37400 and 47056, this would allow tuning to either extreme.

      The use of 45000 hz and 45500 hz was based on one of the Tesla Frequencies used on a set of coils at Colorado in June 20 1899.

      Please note:
      Ed = Earth Diameter = 12741923.73 mtrs
      Ec = Earth Circumference Ed x Pi = 40029933.98

      Interesting to note:
      C/Ed/2 = 11.764
      4000 x 11.764 = 47056.074 hz
      3655 x 11.764 = 42997.42 hz
      3600 x 11.764 = 42350.46 hz

      By June 28th Tesla was using 93460 hz, which is 46730 hz x 2 which he then reduced by a larger ball to 88000 hz, then he reduced this frequency by using an additional coil, thus bringing it down to 37400 hz.


  2. johnmittendorf Says:

    Hi Artojh,

    Thanks for these emails.. I’m late at reading this 336366 email and its fascinating. You have a better grasp of the electric formulas/pulse than I’ve taken time to understand as my ‘core’ tells me its a waste of time to fiddle with contemporary electric formulas which is why the ratios you detailed about the device are intriguing, negating coincidence.

    I purchased your book “Talking to Birds” years ago as you were the only person I’ve found to clearly detail how the winding and mere placement of bifler..N+ coils changes their function in ways we’ve failed to understand.

    Currently, I’m on a personal private inquiry to better understand the human galvanic response as detailed by Carl Jung’s early research and its relation to ancient Buddhist texts on citas,dhatus..the sense doors. What you are showing me is a transmitter or field-radiating device like no other and my mind starts contemplating communication, testing galvanic response during this field perturbation, and thinking of Dr. Vogel’s EEG tests with plants and DeLeWar device which he and Puharich (‘scaler’ slant) presumed was a component of a perturbation/tuning/delaying to better identify the constituents and record anything perceptible in silver halide… at least thats my take. On a more practical note I’m thinking of Dollard’s telergic(sp) communication.

    Mr. Artojh.. I’m intrigued by this… if for some reason you may need a person in the states to assist in some way please ping me to see if I may fit the mold. On another note, if you have any concepts/ideas/experience you may share with me utilizing this device, or other knowledge, in ways conducive to physiological analysis through research, building, testing… Please share.


    On Sat, Jan 9, 2021 at 10:07 AM Artojh’s Renderings wrote:

    > artojh posted: ” Just a simple calculation of what sort of energy is in a > resonant coil: Here are the basic parameters: R = 0.424 ohms (Wire)L = > 00934 henry (Coil)C = 1466 pF (Capacitor)V = 58 volts RMS The resonant > frequencyF = 1/(2xpixsqr(LxC)) = 43 Khz The” >


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