The Nested Magic Square of 15

This is a small addition to my blog from one of the pages in my book. This is one of my early(1996) investigations into different interpretations of the magic square sequences. This led me to redefine particular geometries that could be  understood in terms of the changes in dynamics that can create rotational causality, such as imbalanced wheels etc. The placement of the sequential string of numbers towards the center, offsetting one number after two turns and on the third creating a completed section before returning back to the first compliments a vortex action that can been seen not just imagined, actually 4 vortices. I am including this here so to further the understanding of a new way of to interpret the magic squares, numbers patterns that has always existed and never created by man.  Regards Arto

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One Response to “The Nested Magic Square of 15”

  1. Hao Cai Says:

    Oh, My god. I so admire you. You are a living Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci!!!

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