Magic Square Coil Technology

I have decided to make a new blog rather than updating an older one, refer to I would like to thank Andy, he  has prompted me to finish my chapter on coil geometry, with a new heading of Magic Square Coil Form. Back in 1996 I was working hard on winding many stator coils for the Robert Adams pulse motor designs, when I realized the few coils I wound in bifilar geometries seem to function with non linear results. This is when I discovered the varieties of subtle refinements that could be engineered into a basic system, that can give  measurable increments of control over the energy storage of the coil while it is pulsed.

Estored =1/2 * L* I^2 = Energy in Joules stored in the Inductance

Estored = 1/2 * C * V^2 = Energy in Joules stored in the Capacitance

I chose the Magic Square of Four as the prototype for the coils design, refer to the first diagram that reveals my logic in a simplified form. The left stator coil is the left half of the Magic Square, this is how magic squares work mirror reflections that balance the numeric relationships to create harmony, where the wiring is now the pathways that have both Inductance and Capacitance is the same internal geometry as  a magic square, the right stator is now the right side of the magic square.


To understand the significance of creating chaotic systems that the outcomes  cannot be easily predicted, is to look into the heart of a living organism. The number of square four arrangements  available to the constructor becomes 880  basic Magic Square Four patterns.  If you expand the system you could have 4 coils each with a complete magic square arrangement giving you millions of 880 combinations. The design parameters can be expanded to include odd squares and  very large magic squares. The coils could also be split into the columns and rows giving you say 5 coils each with a in 5 and out 5 winding scheme, this will give you 25 separate wires that give you a square 5 arrangement.

The main criteria for any success is to keep all wires coming from the stators the same length and short as possible, a circuit board design would keep any stray Inductance and Capacitance to a minimum. A small circuit board could be at both ends of the stator with holes matching the wire ends and another attached between the stators, where you could mount a patch board or a special wire coil arrangement that Andy suggested. The environmental energy that exists in a chaotic form surrounds every object, a tumult of electrostatic, EM radiation , heat, dielectric charge fields and magnetism, this energy is not available to be absorbed into the circuit unless we can create a couple to its random behavior, and make a gate so the circuit can make use of it. This is the basis of a natural system based on natures gift to humanity Magic Squares, they are but discoveries of a natural system of numbers that can be translated in many different ways. The chaotic nature of magic squares gives you the invisible harmonic coupling  that needs to exist in a cyclic  system of energy exchange, the gating can now be engineered in the form of magic squares.

Here are the latest additions to help those who want to explore unknown territory. Regards Arto


This next diagram should help you expand the possibilities of the simple methods I have inaugurated .

MultiFilarFlatCoilMagic1I will update this blog with any new information and tests. Regards Arto


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  1. Multi-Filar Coils | Artojh's Renderings Says:

    […] For the continuation of this blog go to : […]

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  2. Hao Cai Says:

    You are such a great genius. Hope you can keep working on the tesla stuff. He is the founding father of the free energy. You have studied resonance coil. I recommend you make a Donald smith free energy device. First, I recommend you read this book
    Not all of them, but the one that concern with coil since you like to duel with coil.

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