Quad Radiation Converter

Here is a fun project that will give you about 0.5/0.6/1.58 volts of radiation energy reception. The analogy is like a putting a microphone in a noisey environment and converting the noise into energy, either to recharge a battery or light a led. Some people call this a free energy receiver and they would be wrong in that assuption as the cost was in the original source radiation.


The key to getting the most from this system is to employ 4 separate aerials, each with different lengths and orientations. The other MOST important factor is the earthing that you employ, minimum would be a 1 mtr pipe into the ground, or a more elaborate version would be Picture E1 and E2 .

Many of the diodes that are usable
1N34  ***** preferred – used in my system
1N60  ***

The smaller antenna caps – frequency dependent
10 pF
100 pf *** preferred
1 nF
10 nF
150 nf – used in my system
200 nf

The main storage Capacitors 12/16/25/35 V
1 UF
10 Uf **
100 Uf ***- used in my system
1000 Uf **
10000 Uf
Super Caps have been used successfully

The useful aerial wire lengths
10 mtrs 28 Mhz
20 mtrs 14 Mhz
40 mtrs 7 Mhz
80 mtrs 3.75 Mhz

As you can see by the measurements I have only used 3 types of arrangements

Type 1 = Serial = 1.58 volts DC
A – B – C – D

Type 2 = Parallel = 0.56 volts DC

Type 3 = Para / Serial = 0.59 volts DC
A   C
| – |
B   D

Type 4 = Serial/ Parr
A – B
C – D

Here is some pics of some of my measurements.

Type 1 - 1.58v

Type 2 - 0.506 volts

Type 3 - 0.59 volts

Here is my earth connection.

Earth Connection

Earth Connection

Earth Connection

Earth Connection



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