Decoding Carl Munck

Decoding Carl Munck

by Arto Heino (c) 1994-2013

      When I first viewed the work and videos of Mr Munck back in to early 1990’s, I thought wow this guy has stumbled on to something, I better check it out. After my initial studies I was not convinced at his methods, so I persevered and allowed time to adjust to his methods so I could begin to find the code just as he had.

      At first I was excited and found a few interesting sites I could apply this work on, that is when I decided to write a spread sheet so I could verify the Latitude , Longitude and Geomatra number with accuracy, just as Carl had done. Hidden in his mathematical multipliers was his secret to making you see what he wanted you to see, the numeric decimals he attached and multiplied was nothing but a tricky way to make it look as if harmonics and numeric codes were present, by reverse coding. Here is his method exposed and laid bare for all to see. I hope you can appreciate and understand that nobody in the last 20 years has questioned his means and methods, the main reason I would say is he did a fine job of cryptography, the other reason would be that he filled a wishful thought about the abilities of ancient man, that of his greater knowledge, something which I am still in concordance with, except this knowledge is not based on anything hidden and coded, only on deeper perceptions on what is already given and in front of us.

I will first find a location that has some ancient importance as Carl Munck had decoded and a version that is the exact position, also my back yard as a major grid point on the Earth just to show this fallacy. Each I will give special properties just as Carl did.

Panther Mound

The Panther Mound is in the Everglades of Florida, and by Carl it has a close relationship to The Great Sphinx. The Panther Mound can only be recognised from the air.

Geocode for Panther Mound: Latitude: 25.573164 – Longitude: -80.7589528

Here are Carl P. Muncks latitude/longitude coordinates for the Panther Mound:

80 deg 45 min 46.886 sec W.Greenwich, Longitude ,

this is a close match to the real location

80 deg 45 min 32.23008 sec W.Greenwich, Longitude,

this is the current real location

The difference of 14.65592 Seconds, this equates to 452.668607488 meters(at equator)

25 deg 34 min 3.5 sec North, Latitude,

this is also a close match

25 deg 34 min 23.3904 sec North, Latitude,

this is the current real location

The difference of 19.8904 seconds, this equates to 614.34285056 meters(at equator). This is at least 1/2 of a kilometer from Carl Munck;s calculated position. So something must be wrong with his numbers, his data, his calculations or all of the above.

Now this part is to makes it look like a genuine discovery, but this subject has been talked about and debated for more than a century, ever since they first were deciding where to put the current meridian, the current prime meridian at based at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich which was established by Sir George Airy in 1851, then again in1884 in the conference of the Meridian in Washington , one of the proposals was the Pyramid of Giza. The need was originally for navigation in the open seas. The ancient Earth prime meridian (as said by Munck) passes through the center of The Great Pyramid, we add 31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec onto the W.Greenwich longitude, to adjust to the ancient longitude, personally I find this a great location for a meridian, as its location and culture has endured thousands of years, Greenwich will be just a forgotten memory when the pyramids will still be standing, reminding us of their builders.

80 deg 45 min 46.886 sec W.Greenwich

+ 31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec Variance in prime meridians

= 111 deg 53 min 47.686 sec W.Giza

80 deg 45 min 32.23008 sec W.Greenwich, Longitude, (real)

+ 31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec Variance in prime meridians

= 111 deg 53 min 33.03008 sec W. Giza (real)

Now to figure out the Grid Longitude and the Grid Latitude of the Panther Mound. Muncks general rule is to multiply the site’s centered (for both longitude and latitude) number of degrees X number of minutes X number of seconds.

Grid Longitude

Grid Longitude 111 deg x 53 min x 47.686 sec = 280536.738

Grid Longitude 111 deg x 53 min x 33.03008 sec = 194315.96064 ( Real)

Muncks reverse PI tables told him that this adjusted number was VERY close to the multiplied product of a Gematrian number ‘times’ (PI to the 4th power).

The Gematrian number = 2880

The derived number = 2805.36738

The Actual value = 1943.1596064

An Invented Geomatra Number = 6267

So he used the derived number as a base with the PI table, this is the part that makes it look like a discovery.

2880 x (PI 4th power) = 280538.1822 W.Giza

= 111 deg x 53 min x 47.68624548 sec W.Giza

So we will create our own Geomatra number that makes it look real

6267 x (PI 3rd Power) = 194316.335955438973

= 111 deg x 53 min x33.0301437966 sec W.Giza (created)

Grid Latitude

Grid Latitude 25 deg x 34 min x 3.5 sec = 2975

Grid Latitude 25 deg x 34 min x 23.3904 sec = 19881.84 (real)

Muncks PI table showed this number as being close to the multiplied product of another Gematrian number ‘times’ the Cube of Pi.

96 x (PI 3rd power) = 2976.602561 North

= 25 deg x 34 min x 3.501885366 sec North

So we will create our own Geomatra number that makes it look real

65 x ( PI 5th power) = 19891.2795110432944620

= 25 deg x 34 min x 23.4015053071 sec North (created)

Grid Point Value

To figure his Grid Point Value, take the ratio of Grid Longitude to Grid Latitude , always greater-than-one .

280538.1822 / 2976.602561 = 94.24777961

= 30 x Pi

This result suddenly made many become followers and converted the undecided into the horde of lemmings that become indoctrinated to the numeric religion of the romantic notions of Geomatra. Here is now the door opener for those brave enough to face this truth.

194316.335955438973 / 19891.2795110432944620 = 9.7689208906 (created)

this value approximates 3 x pi = 9.4247779608 or I could choose Pi squared = 9.8696044011

either one of these values are close enough, now let us work in reverse, I will do both just to prove his method:

187470.89274718436522 / 19891.2795110432944620 = 9.4247779608 ( 3 x Pi)

195 x ( PI sixth power) = 187470.89274718436522

= 111 deg x 53 min x 31.8665464469 sec W.Giza (created)

This will give the result that makes it look brilliant and something unique, also it was not far off from the last value.

Here is the version with Pi squared

196319.0598054914843884/ 19891.2795110432944620 = 9.8696044011 ( Pi squared)

65 x ( PI seventh power) = 196319.0598054914843884

= 111 deg x 53 min x 33.3705694043 sec W.Giza (created) (very close to exact)

65 is the line number value for the magic square of 5, which they call the square of Mars.

This result will make the crowd dance in the isles, also it was not far off from the last value, this is what makes is look plausible. The Grid Point Value of any site like the Panther Mound that have values PI adjusted in the seconds decimals will always be some multiple of PI, easily designed to match Giza.

Here are two locations on the earth, one is arbitrary the other is my back yard next to my shed. I have interesting structure I built for my external Tesla coil, a ground system, it has a precise and real location:

Back Yard

Latitude 33.9027206155 South

Longitude 150.8998518137 East

Arbitrary Location (opposite side of globe)

Latitude 33.9033671156005 North

Longitude 150.899849953205 West

Using Munck reverse coding and numeric tricks, and not even using a PI table as Munck would have I have found this to be one of the most important grid points on Earth next to the Great Pyramid.

150 deg 54 min 18.447905898 sec Longitude West

+ 31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec Variance in prime meridians

=181 deg 62 min 19.247905898 sec Longitude West Giza

Grid Longitude = 181 x 62 x 19.247905898 = 216000 = 60 x 60 x 60

33 deg 54 min 12.1212121212 sec Latitude North

Grid Latitude = 33 x 54 x 12.1212121212 = 21600 = 60 x 60 x 6

Grid Point Value = 216000/21600 = 10 =decahedron is a polyhedron having 10 faces.

My Back Yard

150 deg 53 min 59.46652948sec Longitude East

– 31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec Variance in prime meridians

=119 deg 45 min 58.66652948 sec Longitude East Giza

Grid Longitude = 119 x 45 x 58.66652948 = 314159.2653654 = Pi x 100000

33 deg 54 min 9.7942157802 sec Latitude South

Grid Latitude = 33 x 54 x 9.7942157802 = 17453.2925203 =  Pi x 5555.5555

Grid Point Value = 314159.2653654 /17453.2925203 = 18 = 6+6+6

My Tesla coil has wire wound in a coil of 2160 turns(18 x 120) and resonates at 216000hz(18×12000), the Earth system I made has 8 radial arms 1 vertical down and a vertical up for the coil which makes 10, it also has 10 turns for the primary coil tapped at 6, the top load could be shaped as a decahedron (which has a icosahedral symmetry of order 120). As you can see I can make fanciful additions, even though all the numbers are correct and accurate, my Tesla coil is also real and its numbers are provable. The only difference is that if I moved it 50 mm in any direction the whole number stack falls apart.

These are based on mathematical tricks that any body with a calculator can create, the problem is the amount of people that have been seduced by the fantasy that there is a hidden code that we must decipher in these ancient sites. The real code is not hidden at all but in plane sight, and you cannot call it a code as much as Carl would like you to believe. The reasoning is a clear headed understanding of the workings of the Universe based on pure natural prime geometry and natures proportions and not religious, ceremonial or Geomatra numbers as most try to make you believe. The very nature of Geomatra numbers act as lures to those who are seeking symbolic meaning and purpose to them. Attaching the velocity of light to 144 is a simple example of this, as this is one of those special numbers that are coded into our history. That does not mean that these numbers do not have some significance to our past, they do, it is just they should not be muddied by superstitious beliefs and foolish notions. Number Theory, Atomic physics, Crystallography and our understanding of electrical phenomena are true pointers for the use of these numbers.

      The decimals placed after the whole number seconds are where he hides the PI and Geomatra numbers, when shown on a map this equates to distances under 1 meter,this allows you a great variation of choices to match the particular monument. A good example of this method is to show how numbers actually can do this. I am not a cryptographer as Carl is, but my methods unveiled his number game almost 10 years ago, a similar trick was used by Bruce Cathie, I have sat on this just hoping these guys would fess up and tell the world about their number game. This is when I realized, the purpose behind the deception, they believe their methods would guide any researcher to non-answers and permeate the underground researchers with false leads, 99 percent of the discoveries and conclusions they these types of writers have on the work of people like Schwaller de Lubicz and the engineer Nicola Tesla and his unfinished work have been a total fallacy. Only real Tesla engineers like Eric Dollard have pointed us in the right direction and the work of Christopher Dunn on clues left by ancient engineers proving Schwaller’s notions of an enlighten ancient past.

More Tricks

If the number you want in the final answer is 144 then you find what constitutes the parts that can multiply into this number, look at the huge pallet of numeric interplay that can be found in a simple number.

12 x 12

2 x 6 x 2 x 6

2 x 3 x 2 x 2 x 3 x 2

10 x 14.4

2 x 5 x 14.4

8 x 18

2 x 2 x 2 x 6 x 3

6 x 24

5 x 28.8

4 x 36

3 x 48

20 x 7.2

2 x 10 x 7.2

2 x 2 x 5 x 7.2

3 x 4 x 5 x 2.4

(1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x 6)/5

(1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x 6 x 7)/ 35

19 x 3 x 2.5263157894736842105263157894737

This last addition lets you see how to hide the intent in the numbers after the decimal point.

19 x 3 x 2 = 114 differential = 144 – 114 = 30

19 x 3 x 2.5 = 142.5 = 144 – 142.5 = 1.5

19 x 3 x 2.52 = 143.64 = 144 – 143.64 = 0.36

19 x 3 x 2.526 = 143.982 = 144 – 143.982 = 0.018

19 x 3 x 2.5263 = 143.991 = 144 – 143.991 = 0.009

Here is the same number with a hidden PI

2 x 22.918311805232928350719261925642 = 45.836623610465856701438523851284

PI x 45.836623610465856701438523851284 = 144

Now I will hide PI and reveal PHI(1.618034) in the same number

4.8 /PI = 1.5278874536821952233812841283761

( 15 x 4.8 x 1.5278874536821952233812841283761 )x PHI x PHI / 2 = 144

144 / ( 15 x 4.8 x 1.5278874536821952233812841283761 ) = PHI x PHI / 2

If Carl Munck could show how the ancients manipulated his values without a calculator I would probability would have been more convinced of his Code and not question his methods. The fact is clear his methods must be manipulated in inches and many decimal places at the seconds and PI and PHI are always involved, tweaking the bits so it fits in to his code. These two simple facts alone should make you question his results.

I propose the ancients didn’t use or need any values after the decimal point, they had no need for the AVERAGE value of PI or PHI, because they used prime numbers as a base property of all of their work, a slow dawning of understanding that only now we are beginning to appreciate. One main clue is the earthquake proof walls that exist in every ancient site on Earth, these were designed using prime number law not by some PI/PHI fudge factor. PI and PHI come out of using whole number values that are manipulated through simple arithmetic, and the use of normal and didactic fractions is paramount to this understanding.

The clear knowledge of Quantum Arithmetic and its true roots in Ancient Egypt, Sumer, Gobekli, Angkor, Mayan and other ancient civilizations are what we should be looking at, not some tricks of code that have no meaning except to promote disinformation and enrich the promoters.

One of the Carl’s codes secret is not to use whole prime numbers as they cannot be derived from other numbers, he always uses perfect,deficient, super-perfect and superabundant numbers along side decimal fractions. This keeps the Geomatra numbers easy to transform, hiding PI and PHI in the decimals. This is again will show either the ancients didn’t understand prime numbers or Mr Munck avoided using only whole numbers and prime numbers in his code, the later seems to be the case.

This is only a part transcript, in the full version I breakdown many Ancient monument and show you all the tables and spread sheets used, if you want to read more please buy my up coming book “Talking to the Birds”, Regards Arto.

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27 Responses to “Decoding Carl Munck”

  1. ak Says:

    Hello Arto, I hope you are well. I stumbled across Carl Munck yesterday dinner time and spent last night playing with a calculator and his figures. I quickly realised that it was hocum, but couldn’t nail why. Found your site today and am truly impressed by the amount of work you have undertaken to disprove Carl. Hopefully more people will find your site and learn the truth. Regards Andy

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  2. Miles West Says:

    You discount that the earth shifted after YDBI. Additionally yes you can make numbers add to what you like. But not correspond to real world sites.

    Good luck to you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • artojh Says:

      Hi Miles,

      Just so you understand, all my calculations are Carl Munck’s calculations with the added bonus of modern GPS accurate location data.

      Your Quote
      “But not correspond to real world sites.”

      This location is arbitrary, it is as real as can be.

      150 deg 54 min 18.447905898 sec Longitude West
      33 deg 54 min 12.1212121212 sec Latitude North

      “Using Munck’s reverse coding and numeric tricks, and not even using a PI table as Munck would have I have found this to be one of the most important grid points on Earth next to the Great Pyramid.

      150 deg 54 min 18.447905898 sec Longitude West
      + 31 deg 08 min 0.8 sec Variance in prime meridians
      =181 deg 62 min 19.247905898 sec Longitude West Giza
      Grid Longitude = 181 x 62 x 19.247905898 = 216000 = 60 x 60 x 60

      33 deg 54 min 12.1212121212 sec Latitude North
      Grid Latitude = 33 x 54 x 12.1212121212 = 21600 = 60 x 60 x 6

      Grid Point Value = 216000/21600 = 10”

      This “10” could mean anything which is what he would make you believe is somehow an ancient code. I have 10 fingers I wonder if that counts as significant enough.

      Regards Arto


      • No-Name McKlusky Says:

        So, your backyard is in the pacific ocean? I tried to find your shed on google maps but their resolution of sea-floor structures isn’t very good…maybe you could add a picture of some tuna swimming around your Tesla coil, that would be very cool to see.


      • artojh Says:

        I reviewed my text, thanks for actually locating it, LOL. It looks like I made a few typo errors, it should have been West and South, this means you minus 31deg 8 min 0.8 sec as well. Regardless I have rewritten it so it is now correct, regardless of my small error, Muncks errors are in his conception. My Tesla coil is still fine, near my mandarin tree where I can now make mandarin PI.
        Regards Arto.


  3. Roger welsh Says:

    Why are you using metric measurements. They have no place in your calculations


    • artojh Says:

      Hi Roger,

      Just so you understand Carl Munck’s calculations have very little to do with Metrics or Imperial measurements and everything to do with Degrees, Minutes and Seconds.

      My examples as quoted express the differential of actual and Munck’s locations in meters, you could use feet, miles, cubits or any measurement you choose, I have merely translated Seconds into Meters.

      “The difference of 14.65592 Seconds, this equates to 452.668607488 meters(at equator)”

      Translation = 14.65592 seconds = 452.6696067488 meters(at equator)

      “The difference of 19.8904 seconds, this equates to 614.34285056 meters(at equator). This is at least 1/2 of a kilometer from Carl Munck’s calculated position. So something must be wrong with his numbers, his data, his calculations or all of the above.”

      Translation = 19.8904 seconds = 614.34285056 meters(at equator)

      These quotes are the only time I have referenced Meters, all of mine and Munck’s calculations are in Degrees, Minutes and Seconds.

      Regards Arto


  4. JCF Says:

    Hello Artojh,

    Thank you for your work! But I am not convinced..

    Mister Munck addresses all of your issues in the three hour-and-half-videos one can find on YouTube. He does not mention gematria directly but others who continued his work certainly did. He focuses on the mathematical side of it far more then any anthropological aspects. I know because I’m an Artistic Anthropologist that has been researching the purpose of these kind of sites. With all due respect, I am afraid you do not fully grasp the context in which these sites were used.

    You focus on grid latitudes and grid vectors, but why do you not mention the constants like ‘alternative pi’. What is your opinion on the so called ‘solar year ideal’ of 365.020081? Mister Munck bases his calculations on what he found on the site, can you go deeper into this aspect in relation to the grid vectors? How about the pi-multiplex he claims to have re-discovered? These and others issues you have not addressed. The ‘real coordinates’ issue is referred to by Mister Munck in the first video. I sincerely would love your critical mind to dive into these relevant points for they are essential to your argument.

    The reason most researchers do not understand the purpose of these edifices is because they do not understand Shamanism. These structures were erected by what we would call Scalar Wave technology. A better term is Sound-Light technology, for this is more in accordance with the Shamantic paradigm. These buildings/sites/rocks were/are an holographic interface system that allowed adepts to receive and transmit energy and information through the Earth’s Geo-Telluric grid network. This worked on a local, continental, planetary, solar and even galactic level. The planet’s rotation on its axis creates a pattern of variation in the telluric network because of its interaction with the Sun. I assume I do not have to tell you about the equinoxes and Earth’s magnetic field. This creates geometric patterns over the space-time of a year that can be interacted with via these sites. A lot of these cultures had esoteric concept systems that basically allowed for an understanding of the dynamics of these multidimensional event sequences. If one is ignorant of these things one would call it ‘magic’. The ceremonies done at these sites created quantum entanglement with space-time coordinates that have a similar energy-signature. Thus these sites are ‘psychic-perception-amplifiers’.

    You ever wondered why a lot of churches are build on ancient sacred sites? Answer: the priests felt the telluric energies.

    I await your response and expect you to be as critical towards me as I have been towards you.

    Thank you.



    • artojh Says:

      Hi JCF,

      I am not addressing any issues with Mr Munck, or trying to convince you of anything, he can make all the assumptions he can from his own findings. All I have done is broken down his cryptography and I have shown how you can manipulate the data to suit any assumption that you want put to it.

      I do not have an opinion on Munck’s work, other than he has made a concerted effort to convince the viewer of some tenuous relationships. I have spent my effort on unraveling the mathematical puzzles that he has placed before the public. I am the only person in 20 years who has found the methodology he has applied and the reverse engineering involved.

      I am not interested in addressing issues with Mr Munck’s conclusions, as his cryptography has now been dismantled, thus anything derived from it must be deemed not credible. This is a simple scientific approach, if the bone structure does not match the animal then it is simple not the right animal. I far as I can tell he is just feeding from the same new age mysticism that fills the current book shelves and magazine racks, nothing new or of any value that can be used from this approach. Having read most of those alternative ideas for the last 40 years, I constantly see these ideas regurgitated over and over again, with an occasional added frill and an imaginary twist, the new age terms are used without a scientific approach, this irrevocably becomes pure conjecture.

      I do not make claims of what the Ancient people might have lived like or what they understood, I will leave that to fantasy and science fiction writers who have been feeding the public with their brand of imaginings for the last 80 years. The 20th century introduced “Scientism” into the Universities, Colleges and Schools, along with the Comics, Movies and Magazines have fed the imaginations of generations into believing just about any theory that has been spoken, regardless of its true scientific merits.

      If you do not know what “Scientism” is or cannot understand why I point this out, then a journey to the library of any non-Einsteinian or pre-1905 books will give you a good focus. Tesla and his work should be plenty of material for the grinder. As long as you do not think that anything by Thomas Beardon, Constantine Meyl, Keshe and many such knowledge misdirection provocateurs of information has merit you will be ok.

      I have made my own conclusions regarding the Ancient people and they do not align with any written material that has been written to date. I only make a few statements regarding this issue, first, I am in the very small minority of people on these issues. I have concluded that we as people will never understand the Ancient past, until we understand the basic nature of our Suns “Binary” cycles and how it affects our civilizations. The second issue is our false truth we perpetrate about the History of mankind, unless the false interpretations and fake accounts of our past is corrected, we will be living under a delusion that permeates our every day existence.

      Regards Arto.


  5. CRVHC Says:

    Hi, What about Earth’s crust movement, will that affect either your or Munck’s analysis/findings?



    • artojh Says:

      Hi CRvHC

      When using grid co-ordinates it does matter if our crust moves, only 20,000 years is a very tiny scale of movement, maybe out by meters. I do understand everybody wondering about my ideas here, I assure you my analysis is solely based on untangling his cryptography, nothing more. He is dealing the cards from the bottom of the deck.

      Regards Arto.


  6. Vexman Says:

    Hi Arto,

    I enjoyed this post a lot, it is/was an eye-opening piece.

    Unfortunately for me, Munck was able to convey his magick very convincingly, although I was always sceptic about how nicely his numbers fell into place. I even tried calculating some using his method and when the results were wrong, I thought it was lack of my math capabilities for such fail. I see that quite fortunate when I look at it now, as I was consequently drawn into another subject which was more substantial than such number-shuffling theory.

    Anyway, I’d kindly ask for your permission to re-blog this piece at my blog, along with your comment here on 25th Nov, which I’d put in front of your piece as a preface to it. If you have no objections to it, please let me know, I’m really eager.

    Liked by 1 person

    • artojh Says:

      Hi Vexman,

      As this post was clearly a dissection and expose of some of the trickery that goes into the New Age ideas of a propagandist, I would be very happy for you to use my material to clear the polluted waters of one of the Main Side-Shows that is driving it.

      Regards with permission, Arto.


  7. Vexman Says:

    Reblogged this on Vexman's Thoughts.

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  9. wk777 Says:

    “Carl Munck’s calculations have very little to do with Metrics or Imperial measurements and everything to do with Degrees, Minutes and Seconds”. But Munck explains that it all has quite a lot to do with Imperial measurements in Vol. 3.


    • artojh Says:

      Hi wk777,

      As I stated in my blog, “If Carl Munck could show how the ancients manipulated his values without a calculator I would probability would have been more convinced of his Code and not question his methods. The fact is clear his methods must be manipulated in inches and many decimal places at the seconds and PI and PHI are always involved, tweaking the bits so it fits in to his code. These two simple facts alone should make you question his results.”

      I am not here to convince you he is wrong but to ask you to question his convoluted methodology, one which has now been shown to hold many fallacies and assumptions. To really understand what he has done you must do all the calculations such as I have shown, it reveals the simple tricks, no more mystery, simple and revealing.

      Regards Arto.


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  11. Roy Says:

    I encountered Carl Munck and his theory 72 hours ago from this moment that you see this posted. Wow I was impressed! I was only missing one key to this whole matter. How did it get those coordinates out of those numbers? I thought to myself if I could do that I’d know a lot of stuff! Maybe I could help in some amazing meaningful way? So 72 hours ago I kind of looked up at the sky and said how do I figure that out? Someone told me you’ll have the answer in a dream someone else told me it’ll just come to you. I Googled it like 20 times and nothing? And then here we are 72 hours later your post popped up 😎 well thanks for that 😂
    And now I actually live quite near Bolinas and I do follow Eric Dollard quite a bit, and back to the real engineering thanks bud.

    Liked by 1 person

    • artojh Says:

      Hi Roy,
      I am glad you found the truth behind Carls work, I can be finally assured that his blind alley doesn’t misguide any more researchers. 🙂
      Great to hear about Eric, I hope to see him as soon as I visit the US. When my next volume is published, I will make an effort to do some appearances in your neck of the woods.
      Thanks again regards Arto.


  12. Kevin Says:

    Out of curiosity, what has the continental drift been over the last 12-14k years? Could this explain the “fudging” of numbers?


    • artojh Says:

      Hi Kevin,
      No amount of drift can compensate for a deliberate falsification implanted into the data sets that Carl has presented. If you read carefully through my blog you will see that he has designed the outcome to match the data he has presented, by using encryption techniques that I have revealed, All his outcomes are deliberately misleading, secondly, at the rate of the sea floor spreading, which is about 50mm per year(ave), times 20,000 years = 1000 mtrs = 1 km, while his fudges are not consistent to any time period, some are 5 km some only 200 mtrs. Once his “trick” is understood, all his arguments he presents are moot, regardless of how he dresses the results, they cannot be looked on as anything more than an attempt at misleading researchers into a cul-de-sac filled with historical fantasy.
      Regards Arto.


  13. Jeriel Horton Says:

    This is beautiful, you state that Carl Munck’s coordinates are wrong and fail on the very first example Panther Mound. Your center is the center of the head

    Carl makes it very clear that all monuments are calculated from the center of that mound or base in the case of a stone work not a particular feature on the structure.

    So where the advertised center is turns out to be the center of the head instead of the center of the entire mound.

    This of course helps the person looking for the discernable features, recognise that it indeed looks like some sort of animal for tourism purposes.

    This generates income for the state but doesn’t reflect the geographical center which is of interest to the scientist.

    So anyone can try doing this with your very own and very accurate Google earth like I did and perhaps find out that if you’d done your homework a little bit better, this site would be helpful and you might have made some discoveries that would have had me looking up your name instead.

    Now it becomes noted for shoddy research and disinformation and a reference list to check for other possible mental giants that I may have overlooked in my studies.

    Studies that have apparently become an investigation into the number of lies taught in the public educational system for the purpose of apparent continuity to foster a sense of credibility early on so that when seemingly preposterous leaps of the imagination are required the faith in the educational system has been established.

    But thank you for the exercise in how to use mathematics coupled with an understanding of human nature to avoid significant effort beyond point and click and are easily confused by mathematical computations and coordinates that require hand editing to feed into many gps satellite mapping systems.


    • artojh Says:

      Hi Jeriel,

      Just to fill you in I did analyze many more of his locations and they all have the same mathematical trickery. It wasn’t the easiest reverse engineering, as Munck had already reverse engineered his answers, it was knot inside of a knot.

      I will share the rest of my notes in another blog, if the response is big enough. It made it easy once I realized what he was doing, you start with the answer you are looking for then manipulate it with real coordinates until you find your variable that can then be manipulated so it is related to the monument.

      Regards Arto.


  14. Conned by the code Says:

    What do you really think was the Black Friars’ purpose for this code business? Please share your notes about unraveling this subject. “I will share the rest of my notes in another blog”. If you have already done this please supply the blog name or post name. Thanks!


  15. passive income investments Says:

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    Decoding Carl Munck | Artojh


  16. marl cunck Says:

    Hi there,

    Thank you for your contribution in opposition – critical analysis is essential for a topic that carries such weight in our understanding of antiquity. Though I too am not convinced by these findings.

    For me – this work is difficult to digest as I notice a lot of emotion and subjectivity embedded in the tone of your writing. Provided is evidence in contest of data but not for Munck’s motives – I am curious as to why these antagonistic conclusions were included and what separate evidence this is based on.

    You also encounter errors very early on in this decoding but I didn’t see any acknowledgement towards the adjustment of the Greenwich Prime Meridian as the foundation of your calculations – this may explain these errors.

    I do however respect the fact that this is your own tribute to the argument rather than for scientific peer review.

    I wish to add voice to @JCF and his responses. The knowledge of these monuments and their connection is extremely profound and worth our attention – whether it is a theme you were concerned with or not – I urge you to revisit this and create a purely objective analysis that is more coherent with scientific processes – it will be worth it!

    Thanks and peace to you!


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