Live Chalk Art at Creative Paddington

A great day for all, especially those who joined in the chalking action. The morning began with some dark foreboding clouds, making it a possible washout. It started to rain as I arrived on the street adjoining the Primary School and Paddington Markets, not a good sign. I patiently waited for the rain to stop and met with Nick Vickers from the UNSW Arts and Design, the Market organizer and the Face Painting girls, while the play grounds dried. Nick represented the UNSW Arts and Design, ACP(Australian Center for Photography) and the Metro Screen as well, which are part of UNSW, the event was also sponsored by Sydney City Council, Art Month and ESC.

The rain set my schedule behind by 2 hours, not much time to complete any detailed rendering as planned, so I opted for the basic chalking, this wasn’t a problem as the young chalkers were already filling in the frames I left for them.

What began as a rainy, cloudy affair ended in a warm and sunny day for all the participating chalkers that came in ages from 4 years old to 70 years old, it became a fun and creative mayhem, as you can see by all the drawings. The final leg of the journey home had me going in circles for about a half an hour, as the police redirected traffic because of the Mardi-Gras.

The first picture shows what started mildly ended in a creative chaos of chalking.


In the second picture, all was quite until I walked across the road, then all hell broke loose, kids everywhere and a fellow group of musicians had found their live gig location for playing.


The final picture, I was running out of time so I reduced it to 1.5 meters square and gave it some coloured radiated bars, this seem to get all the passers-by to turn into chalkers.


Thanks from Arto.

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