Thornson Drive

In 2006 I decided to build an inertial thruster, I chose Roy Thornson’s  design, as his seemed to be the most straight forward system. The science behind an inertial thruster has been explored by many scientists, engineers and inventors who have been awarded patents for the functional proof with a working model. The secrets behind this sort of device is in the translation of gyroscopic inertia and rotational geometry, I have been tentatively working on the complete engineering maths required to build usable designs that can replace standard gearbox/universal/differential shafts and gear transmission components. This task is daunting, still if nobody tries I am sure it will be lost to history and we will again be set back in mankind’s quest to free himself of the foibles of  Newtons mechanistic 17 century engineering.

I have designed a lot of these types of inertial systems for years , I never got around to building one,  so I thought I would start this journey by testing Roys design. I built almost all of it before I ran out of money, now it sits here begging me to finish it. I tested the half that I completed, it had extremely powerful pulsations at the vector force differential direction that it was designed for, because I only have half of the machine finished it was imbalanced, man.. it almost took my arm off.

I am only including this in my blog to show how to build this device. If I could get some funding for my time, the remaining parts and machining I would like to finish it and put it on public show. Email me if you are interested in helping me complete Roys inertial thruster unit. I will expand this post with more details if I get some positive responses from my readers, regards Arto.

This work here will be in my second volume of “Talking to the Birds”, the first volume is available now.

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8 Responses to “Thornson Drive”

  1. Don Says:

    I think your arm that mounts the weight is twice as long as in the thornton drive, also the weight in the thornton drive is not mounted from its center, but from and end so it swings out. The actual mount axis in the thornton drive is centered right at the edge of the gearI hope you get yours to work, I thought it was cool!


  2. artojh Says:

    Thanks for the comment Don, the drive works just like the original Thornson Drive, no issues with the swinging weights. The geometry works just as Roy stated and the force acts in the correct direction. The complete story and technical/engineering issues are available in my book, “Talking to the Birds”
    This unit is fairly large and can move a small vehicle in one direction. The reason it is unfinished, is not that it doesn’t function correctly, it is purely monetary. I cannot afford to build any more prototypes or machines, I am almost destitute, I am struggling to keep fed and communications lines open. Please understand this is a functional and practical device, it was built to prove the drive train of another prototype vehicle Regards Arto.


  3. Propulsion with Rotary Devices Says:

    […] Regards Arto. This design is based on the Thornson Drive. If you want larger images just jump to Thornson Drive | Artojh's Renderings…pg?w=450&h=342 […]


  4. Tammie ryan Says:

    I am Roy thornsons youngest child. My name is tammie . I came across your blog (or whatever you call it since I am technically challenged) but I wanted to thank you for acknowledging my father and bit taking total responsibility with it. This was my dad’s life dream. I have so many vhs tapes of his testing etc thst I am willing to share with you as long as you keep my dad’s legacy alive.


    • artojh Says:

      Hi Tammie,
      I thank you for your comments, I highly value your Fathers contribution to this fundamental understanding of a neglected physics. I am very appreciative of your willingness to share those memories of his very important work. I have included this blog page in my last Volume “Talking To The Birds”, with the next volume I hope I can extend what I can learn with your help, it will make a very compelling case to apply your Fathers principals to many useful devices. Thank you very much Tammie,I will contact you by Email, regards Arto.


    • Dean Germeten Says:

      Tammy, there are many backyard experimenters who would gladly further progress your father’s work. I can be reached: germeten at mail dot com


  5. Bryan Says:

    Hi Arto, is the new book (volume 2) coming out soon? I have a drive built as well and it does have some technical challenges so I would love to compare notes sometime. Thanks


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