The Electric Bill Version 1.0


About twelve months ago I had a rude awakening in my mailbox, namely my electric bill! From that time on, I decided to decipher and predict my future bills.

The first step was to figure what my meters were reading, then work out how they arrived at the price of my bill. I judiciously read my meter daily and invested in a plug-in energy meter, so I could figure out which appliances were drawing the most energy.

After months of checking and careful calculations, I was equipped to read the meter and make accurate predictions, I also replaced most of my appliances with much more energy efficient ones.

I wrote a spread sheet to make things easier to calculate, this is what I am making available to everyone, it has helped me predict my electricity bills for the last 12 months. I have some screen shots of what it looks like. I am with Inegral Energy and I live in NSW, also I have tarrifs, so if you have a different setup then modify the particular parameters as necessary.

The first part is so you can match the total of your bill with the program.

Here is the second part that helps you predict your bill.

If you want this file then go here.

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